Master Plan

Redeemer’s Master Plan for its future

Redeemer Lutheran College has embarked on a journey to transform its learning spaces to match its development of new teaching and learning practices.

At the heart of the Redeemer Master Plan is a desire to equip Redeemer learners for the changes forecast for their futures—including jobs that are yet to be created, and a world that will need people who are curious, courageous and Christ-led.

The Redeemer community—students, parents, staff, alumni and members of the Our Saviour community—are invited to continue to give feedback as the Master Plan develops.

Read more here and visit our Master Plan website to find out our latest news, to offer your feedback and to hear what others in our community are saying.

Design my School

Join the conversation

Fulton Trotter Architects have developed a website through which the members of our school community can engage in a safe and inclusive environment that is specifically tailored and open to our school only.
This is the forum in which all voices can be heard and genuine engagement can occur. It is designed to initiate debate and deliberation, capture aspirations and fuel dialogue. The voices on this page will shape how the design of our school develops into real buildings.

  • The Drawing Board - This is the brainstorming page. Here you can post your ideas and read other people’s. You can share, comment, like and exchange. Articles are posted by participants and mediated by Fulton Trotter Architects.
  • The Reading Room - Here you can respond to specific questions posted by Fulton Trotter Architects. We will isolate key issues that we would like to hear more about. Articles are posted by Fulton Trotter Architects and participants can comment / discuss.
  • The Newsroom - This is the zone in which you can check in and catch up on all the exciting updates on the development of your school. Read the latest articles and partake in the discussions. Articles are posted by Fulton Trotter Architects.
  • About Fulton Trotter Architects - Fulton Trotter Architects are proud founders of the Design My School initiative and have a rich history of over 70 years practice across urban and rural Australia.

Accessing Design my School

  1. Login to
  2. Enter your default email address with Redeemer Lutheran College
  3. Enter your password that was sent to you from Design My School. If you have forgotten your password, or need it resent to you, click here.

Please check your 'Junk' email folder if the email does not arrive, and also 'whitelist' the and domain names if you continue to have any issues.

If you require further assistance with the Design My School website, please email