Redeemer's weekly newsletter

“As a student at Redeemer, I feel privileged to be a part of such a welcoming community that provides students with a wide variety of co-curricular activities to showcase our diverse talents. I admire the teaching staff and their support and encouragement about the importance of student participation. Through school activities, students are able to build relationships with those who share the same interests. The large amount of student participation in the range of groups and activities that the school offers, illustrates the unified and friendly nature of Redeemer. <br”
- Anita L (Year 12)

D G Stolz Sportsfields

D G Stolz Sportsfields are located on 16 Hectares (40 Acres) 3km east of the College at Kelly Street (off of Priestdale Road), where two full size sports fields are provided, surrounded by native vegetation.

Directions to Stolz Sportsfields

D G Stolz Sportsfields was purchased for $140,000 in February 1985 and is named after Pastor (later Dr) David Stolz who was instrumental in the leadership of the planning the establishment of Redeemer Lutheran College. He was the pastor of the Eight Mile Plains Lutheran parish, and then of St Mark’s Lutheran Church at Mt Gravatt when it became a separate parish. An Old Scholar of St Peters, he was a member of a family with a proud history of building churches and schools. His father, Pastor Jo Stolz, was for many years a leading member of the College Council at St Peters with some years as Chairman, and while the pastor at Redcliffe, he began the work in education there which culminated in the establishment of Grace Lutheran Primary School and Grace Lutheran College.

In 1974 David Stolz organized a survey in the south eastern suburbs to determine whether there was any interest in the establishment of a Christian independent school in that area. The result was a clear endorsement of the concept, with a strong preference for a secondary school.

Kelly Street, which is the access road into Stolz Sportsfields is named after Mr Ian Kelly, who chaired the Planning Committee and the first College Council until May of 1982. When the Stolz Sportsfields were constructed, Brisbane City Council agreed to name the side street leading to the gates Kelly Street in his honour. The street no longer exists, having been transferred to college ownership and amalgamated into the complex.