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“We were looking for a school environment that celebrated every child, regardless of their interests or ability. It was important to us that the school we chose had a school community that nurtured the individual and gave them a sense of belonging. We believe we have found that at Redeemer!”
- Amanda (Parent)


Relationships Among Students

Relationships among students at Redeemer are guided by Christian principles based on Scriptures. Students are to show care and concern for the well-being of others, and to practise courtesy and respect to fellow students.

Deliberate harassment of any person or group due to religious, sexual, ethnic or cultural differences is unacceptable. Discriminating against others because of personality or ability differences will not be tolerated. The Principal and staff reserve the right to determine whether behaviour is acceptable or not.


Students are required to comply fully and willingly with all rules governing courtesy and obedience to teachers and others in authority, punctuality, class-room behaviour, regular attendance, dress and grooming, school bounds, care of buildings, grounds and equipment and respect for the property of others. The regulating of school life is balanced by the need for students to develop self-discipline and a self-motivated sense of responsibility for others.

It is assumed that parents will support and cooperate with the school in these matters. Parents will be consulted where matters of discipline become serious or have implications beyond the school.

Abuse and Harrasment Policy

As a school of the Lutheran Church, Redeemer adopts the Valuing Safe Communities policy set up by the Lutheran Church of Australia. This policy encompasses Child Protection as well as workplace harassment of staff. The hot line for those staff members who feel they have been harassed or abused within the LCA is 1800 644 628, and signs advising this number are posted around the college campus staffrooms. Staff must undertake regular training in the Valuing Safe Communities (VSC) policy of the Church.

The College also has a Child Protection Policy that provides clear processes to be followed for the reporting of harm, including sexual abuse, of students. This policy is available in paper copy from reception and also appears in electronic form on the College’s internet and intranet. All staff including volunteers are made aware of the policy and their responsibilities under the policy upon commencement of duties at the College and then undertake regular updates.

Download a copy of Redeemer's Child Protection Policy and Proceedures


Anti-Discrimination Executive Statement

Behaviour Management Policy

Behaviour Management Policy

Bullying and Harassment Policy

Anti-Bullying and Anti-Harrassment Policy

Grievance-Complaints Procedure

Grievance-Complaints Procedure

Homework Policy

Homework Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Safe Place Policy

As a school of the Lutheran Church, Redeemer adopts the national 'Safe Place' policy set up by the Lutheran Church of Australia. If you believe you are a victim of sexual abuse by an employee, paid or volunteer, of the Lutheran Church of Australia, help is at hand by phoning the hotline number:

Free call: 1800 644 628

	OR you can write to:
The Supervisor
LCA Safe Place
PO Box 519, Marsden SA 5070

OR email

The hotline and email address are for those who feel they have been sexually harassed or abused within the LCA, and signs advising these details are posted around the college campus. Staff must undertake regular training in the policy which may be read in full on the LCA website: