Strategic Plan

Redeemer Lutheran College is an independent, co-educational, Christian school for children from Prep to Year 12.

The Strategic Plan sets the strategic direction for Redeemer Lutheran College and has been prepared with the following understandings:

  • The Strategic Plan is congruent with the mission and values of Redeemer Lutheran College;
  • The Strategic Plan identifies the key strategic priorities for the next three years and does not include the day to day responsibilities of the College;
  • The planning process builds a high level of commitment from key stakeholders for the implementation of the Strategic Plan; and
  • The College Executive, together with staff, is responsible for determining the strategies, responsibilities and timelines for achieving the strategic intents identified in the Strategic Plan.

This Strategic Plan has been developed with broad consultation and provides the current view of our strategic intent and is the result of ongoing and extensive planning, collaboration and professional dialogue.

Strategic PlanDownload the current Strategic Plan

Ongoing Commitment to Quality Education

The Strategic Plan builds on the College’s past practice with a commitment to:

  • serving the community by providing quality learning, resources and support structures for its students and engaging the whole community in its mission and values;
  • providing an excellent school where its students are cared for and supported while challenged to achieve their best;
  • allowing students to develop their potential to their fullest, regardless of whether their talents are academic, vocational, cultural or sporting.
  • supporting the ongoing strengthening of community building and the College’s ability to be adaptive to the changing needs of its community, be they spiritual, educational, cultural or technological.

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