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“I like Redeemer because all of the students there all care for each other, all of the teachers try to help you do the best in each of your classes. Everyone cares about you and no one is ever a bully to you.”
- Ashley (Year 7)

International Students

Please note that Redeemer Lutheran College is no longer accepting FFPOS (Full Fee Paying Overseas Students) or International students.  Visa families are still eligable to enrol, please contact the Enrolments Registrar on (+61 7) 3340 8807 for further information.


Entry Requirements for FULL-FEE Paying Overseas Students

Redeemer Lutheran College is registered with the Overseas Students Office to enroll Full-Fee Paying Overseas Students. The college enrolls limited numbers of such students because of the demand for places from local students.

Admission to the college is subject to the availability of places. The following conditions are requirements for the offer of a place:

1. Language Competence
Applicants are required to show evidence of competence in the English language sufficient to enable them to understand and participate fully in normal classes and courses of instruction. The college provides ESL instruction, usually in groups, but this instruction is intended to build on sound existing skills.

The level of competence required will depend on the age of the student and the year level of entry. Students already studying in Australia will do the ASLPR (Australian Second Language Proficient Rating); students living overseas will be required to do IELTS (International English Language Testing Service).

IELTS 5/5+ on all four categories
ASLPR 2+/3 on most categories

2. Academic Achievement
Redeemer Lutheran College offers courses with a high academic challenge. School reports of applicants must show that they can cope with such a challenge. Students with below-average achievement are unlikely to do so.

3. Guardianship
Redeemer Lutheran College is a day-school and therefore provides no accommodation for overseas students and does not take responsibility for their accommodation or health care. Applicants must have a responsible adult (relative) who is willing to accept responsibility as guardian for the student, including arrangements for accommodation and travel, and to be a contact person in case of problems at school. This must be put in writing by both the parent(s) and the guardian.

Students will be accepted for admission to Year 6 and 7 only if a relative in a stable family situation accepts appointment as guardian and agrees to provide full accommodation for the student for the duration of the course and during any holidays when the student is in Australia. Redeemer does not issue welfare letters.

4. Religious Teaching
Redeemer Lutheran College is a Christian school which attempts to convey the central message of the Christian faith in teaching, in daily worship, and in the daily life of the school. The college accepts students from many faiths and religious traditions. All students are required to participate in daily Christian worship and the study of the Christian faith in the subject Christian Studies. Respect for Christianity, its teachings and practices are expected of all students.

5. Eligible Students
Redeemer is registered to take FFPOS from Years 6-12, however as the need arises for dependent children whose parents are on a student visa in Years Prep - 5, Redeemer is able to accommodate them (conditions apply, please contact the Enrolments Registrar). Each student will still be considered a FFPOS student and normal FFPOS enrolment costs and conditions apply. The cost of fees for these dependent students are below.

Overseas Students are enrolled into Redeemer Lutheran College with the following conditions:

  1. That their mother or father is living with them or that they have a blood relative or court appointed guardian looking after them.
  2. Redeemer Lutheran College does not accept homestay students.
  3. A letter of welfare will not be issued to any new international students.

 Enrolment Process - International Students

 Download the current FFPOS Fee Schedule

 Application for Enrolment Form

 FFPOS Handbook

Course Credit

Redeemer Lutheran College does not offer course credit and entry into any course is subject to the assessment of the school. This also applies to on-shore school transfers, either within the state or from interstate.


Education agents are not engaged to formally represent Redeemer Lutheran College.

The School responds to all enrolment enquiries and to applications for enrolment according to established procedures.

Individuals making enrolment enquiries or assisting in any way with enrolment applications are not remunerated for doing so. 

If the School policy with regard to use of education agents changes in the future, the School is aware of its obligations under Standard 4 of the National Code of Practice for Registration Authorities and Providers of Education and Training to Overseas Students 2007, and will at that time implement appropriate policies, procedures and agreements as required under the National Code.

Home Stay

Redeemer Lutheran College does not offer a 'Home Stay' program.

Further Information, Policies & Resources

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