Grandparents Day

Grandparents & Special Friends 2019

All grandparents, great grandparents and older friends are invited to visit Redeemer Lutheran College for one special Grandparents Day on Friday 26 April 2019.

Both programs for the Senior School and Junior School will again be held on the same day, with the Junior School program being held prior to pick-up time (and the Senior School late morning at 9.45am).

Parents and grandparents will again have the ability to RSVP and register online for Grandparents Day. A printed invitation may be downloaded from the link at the bottom of this page.

Grandparents or special friends who have students in either Prep-Year 6 as well as Years 7-12 are welcome to attend both events on the same day.

Senior School: Years 7-12 (Redeemer Chapel)

Friday 26 April 2019, 9.45am - 12.15pm

The Senior School program commences with a special music concert being held at 10.00am in Redeemer Chapel. Students will then have the opportunity to show their guests around the college campus, and then share light refreshments together (supplied only for the Grandparents). The Senior School program will conclude at 12.15pm when students return to class for Lesson 4.

Time Senior School Program
9.45am Grandparents arrive and meet their Grandchildren in Redeemer Chapel
10.00am Senior School Concert in Redeemer Chapel
11.00am Light Refreshments available at the Chapel Hub
Optional Tour of the college by the students of Grandparents or Special Visitors
12.15pm Senior School program concludes and students return to class for Lesson 4

Junior School: Prep-Year 6 (Redeemer Chapel)

Friday 26 April 2019, 1.00pm - 3.00pm

The Junior School program will commence at 1.00pm in Redeemer Chapel where Junior School music students will be involved. Following the music concert, grandparents will be able to visit their grandchild's Junior School classroom, or the Junior School Resource Centre (library).

Time Junior School Program

Light Refreshments available at the Chapel Hub prior to the Junior School concert in Redeemer Chapel

1.00pm Junior School Concert in Redeemer Chapel by students.
1.30pm Move to the Junior School for classroom visits
3.00pm All Junior School students depart with their Grandparents (or parents)

Frequently Asked Questions

Car Parking

Parents and Grandparents should be aware that the car park will be very busy on this day. The college will have car parking attendants available in the vicinity of the Chapel Green to park as many cars as possible in to the space available. Should you be concerned about finding a space for your grandparents, that you arrive early to secure a space close to the Chapel. Unfortunately places cannot be reserved.

As the Junior School program will have over 500 Grandparents attending, we would recommend that where possible, parents of the child's Grandparents drop them off at Redeemer Chapel prior to the concert, and collect the Grandparents together with your children at the end of the school day.

Can Parents attend Grandparents Day?

The day is designed for Grandparents and Special Friends. Due to the very large numbers (approx 800) across the day, we would request that only the child's Grandparents attend. If the child's Grandparents require special care, then a parent may also attend to assist. We request that no more than four visitors attend per child (eg: two sets of Grandparents).

What if my Child has no Grandparents that can attend?

If your child has no Grandparents available to attend, then you may have a Special Friend attend. This may include an aunty, uncle, friend, neighbour (or parent). This must be indicated on the online RSVP form.

What if I have children in Junior School as well as Senior School?

Grandparents and Special visitors may choose to attend both sessions (morning and afternoon).

Does my child need to bring something for morning tea or lunch on this day?

Yes, students will need to bring their morning tea and lunch as per normal. A light lunch will only be provided for grandparents and special visitors at the Chapel Hub.

What students will be performing in the concerts?

Senior School Music students will be featured in the concert on Friday morning for the Years 7-12 program. Junior School music students will be involved in the Junior School concert. Unfortunately it is not possible for students from each year level to be involved due to the number of students now in our Junior School, and the timeframe available.

RSVP: Tuesday 23 April 2019

Please ensure that you RSVP by no later than Tuesday 23 April for catering and seating purposes. For the safety of our students, class teachers will be made aware of which students will be absent from classes on these days. We would recommend that no more that 4 grandparents or special visitors attend per student.

Senior School Grandparents Day Photo Gallery (2018)

Junior School Grandparents Day Photo Gallery (2018)

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