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“I love Redeemer because there are lots of sporting opportunities that you can choose from and if you have never played the sport before, the school will let you participate and give it a go. I also really enjoy break times because there are lots of places that you can choose from to play with your friends. All the teachers at Redeemer are the best teachers I have had and I really look forward to coming to school every day to see my teachers, learn more and play with my friends at break. This is why I love Redeemer.”
- Shae (Year 7)

Agile Learning

A number of Agile (or Flexible) Learning Spaces have been developed across the College in both our Junior School and Senior School campuses in line with 21st century learning pedagogies. These newly furnished classrooms provide students and staff alike the opportunity to be more flexible in their learning and engagement with the curriculum. It provides students with greater choice, while still maintaining the structure needed to facilitate effective learning.

In addition to the indoor flexible classroom spaces, a number of outdoor spaces have also been developed across the College, which allows teaches and students to utilise outdoor areas as learning spaces.

Junior School

Senior School