Redeemer Plus

Redeemer Plus was introduced in 2017 as a vehicle for providing extension opportunities for students who are naturally high achieving.  Attending Redeemer Plus allows these student to be able to extend and digress their thinking and working in specific areas of interest.

Redeemer Plus groups were held after school and during some breaks with students attending as they were able among their myriad of other commitments or as their interest was maintained. 

At Redeemer Plus meetings, students would work independently or in small collaborative groups on activities, challenges or competitions which had been identified for them.


Redeemer Plus students meet for two lessons each week on a rotating roster. Students involved must ensure that they check what work has been missed and ensure that they have an understanding of what they have missed. There is also times made available for Redeemer Plus students to meet out of class times, if they wish and this does not clash with other activities.


There were a wide range of activities offered this year, covering aspects of Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Technology, Language, Humanities and the Arts. Extra activities are offered as they become available. Because many of the activities suitable for Redeemer Plus students have finite lives with variable end dates, students need to commit to multiple activities so as to draw up a schedule for the year. Students may also be able to develop their own projects to be worked on during Redeemer Plus time.


Once registered, enrolled or signed up for activities; students must complete them. This commitment to activities is very important. 

Some of the activities which have been attempted by students this year are:

  • EngQuest Engineering activities – students have made such things as catapults, hydraulic lifting machines, model houses and Solar Cookers 
  • Bebras Computational Thinking Challenge
  • Spaghetti Bridge Building
  • Origin Little Big Ideas Competition
  • Australian Mathematics Competition
  • Science Competitions
  • Spectra Science Awards Scheme – students have looked at topics such as aeronautics, home chemistry and animals.
  • SSA National Schools Poster Competition – students are testing the effect of different Music Genres on Reading accuracy.
  • Brainways: The Quest – five teams entered across the Junior and Middle Years.
  • Art and Literary Competitions – students have had some of their work published.
  • $20 Boss – a program designed to equip young people with enterprise skills.
  • Write A Book In A Day – students had to write, edit, illustrate, publish and print a book in a 12 hour day.  These books were then distributed to young people in hospitals. In doing this the student teams also raised $1915  for the Kids Cancer Project.

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