Redeemer Plus

Redeemer Plus was introduced in 2017 as a vehicle for providing extension opportunities for students who are naturally high achieving. Attending Redeemer Plus allows these student to be able to extend and digress their thinking and working in specific areas of interest.

Redeemer Lutheran College learners are engaged in rigorous, relevant and engaging learning opportunities appropriate to their learning needs, strengths, interests and goals The enrichment and extension opportunities offered by class teachers endeavour to ensure the needs of all individual students are achieved.

Redeemer Plus is offered as part of the Extension Program, which is designed to support and extend learners of a high potential within a challenging, creative and nurturing environment. The model of this program is to offer students the opportunity to participate in a range of competitions and activities conducted by external agencies. This allows our students to elect to compete individually or in teams of like-minded students in challenges which have been identified by staff as suitable for them or which they have self-nominated for.

Students are supported by subject specific staff and class teachers. The main contacts within the College to assist students with Redeemer Plus is the Teaching and Learning Coordinator - Junior School and the Teaching and Learning Coordinator - Middle Years. The Director of Teaching and Learning P-12 assists students in Years 10-12, particularly with regards to early start university subjects and acceleration of learning in curriculum areas such as Math.

Competitions, dates, and nomination details currently available for nomination are published on MyRedeemer. A specific page called Redeemer Plus is available to the Redeemer community on MyRedeemer. This is where information and links to competitions will be provided for students and parents to access. The page offers a range of individual and group extension activities to provide high achieving motivated students with the opportunities to digress their thinking and follow areas of interest. External competitions requiring school registration are advertised via email.