2019 Sports Awards Evening

This year’s Sports Awards Evening was nothing short of spectacular. We were able to celebrate all major achievements throughout the year and it has become extremely noticeable that the Redeemer Sports Program is on the rise. 

It is amazing to see how many opportunities our sports people have had to compete in, in external competitions throughout the year and this is clearly reflected in the achievements of both the school program and external individual achievements. Congratulations to all of our awards winners this year, we are so proud of all of your dedication, effort and commitment outside of your already busy schedules. 

In 2019, our major award winners were as follows:

  • Blue Spirit Awards: Sophee Monsour and Bailey Aslander 
  • Junior Sportsman of the Year: Thomas Nealon
  • Junior Sportswoman of the Year: Allegra Conlon
  • Junior Secondary Sportsman of the Year: Eli Hadwen 
  • Junior Secondary Sportswoman of the Year: Matisse Conlon 
  • Sportsman of the Year: Daniel Blest
  • Sportswoman of the Year: Bronty Lacey 

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