It's Our Birthday!

On this day 40 years ago, 4th February, 1980 – 56 students, 1 full time teacher Mr R Holzheimer, 5 part time teachers and Mr L R Kleinschmidt as Head Master, all walked through the doors of Redeemer Lutheran College for the very first time!

One of those original students, Suzanne Jessen (Kempe ‘84) reminisces about that very first day 40 years ago:

“The first day of secondary school is a nerve wracking event for most. What will it be like? Will I know anyone? But for those of us starting school in February 1980 at Redeemer Lutheran College there was an added complexity – everything and everyone was new. With just one building and a large patch of bush, 56 students arrived from schools and locations from all over the area. Very few of us knew anyone else and even most of the staff were new to each other. We were all a bit ‘deer in the headlights’ to start with but what quickly emerged was a tight knit group, excited to embark on this new adventure and forge the way. Did we have all of the latest and greatest facilities? No, just one building. Did we have a vast array of subjects? No, just the basics. Did we have a selection of sporting teams to join? No, but we were able to bring our bikes to school to ride in the bush. Did we have large numbers of music groups to join? No, I’m pretty sure we did have a piano. Did any of this matter? No. I would not have swapped those early experiences for all of the resources and facilities in the world. We had a wonderful opportunity to forge very close friendships and build skills in resourcefulness, imagination, collaboration, and compromise. What emerged was a family. And I believe that strong sense of community and family in those early days and years set the foundations for the ethos of the school.” 

Join with us as we celebrate 40 years of Redeemer Lutheran College in 2020. Find out more at 

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