$5,000 raised at Redeemer's Greatest Shave!

On Wednesday 22 May, fifteen brave Year 12 boys united together to participate and celebrate the 21st year of the Leukaemia Foundations ‘Worlds Greatest Shave’. The foundation and fundraiser itself is targeted towards raising money to fund research in the hopes of finding prevention methods or potentially a cure for the life threatening Leukaemia. Leukaemia is a type of cancer which infects the blood, bone marrow or lymphatic system and can be very aggressive, requiring chemotherapy, radiation treatment or stem cell transplants. In Australia alone in 2018 an estimated 1884 people passed away from leukaemia, and 3,967 were diagnosed, making it extremely important research is well funded and supported. This is what the foundation is aiming to achieve through the ‘Worlds Greatest Shave’ and the boys donations will go towards it. 

The boys participating had opted to either shave their head, wax their legs or both while other students had the option to get their hair sprayed or purchase a soft drink – altogether raising an impressive $5,050 for charity! 

The Community Service Committee would love to give a huge thank you to the Redeemer Community for getting behind and once again supporting this event, especially the Year 12 boys who endured the pain and sacrificed their precious hair for the good cause:   

Jack Thurstun, Bailey Aslander, Ben Mohisani , Andy Ly, Ryan Famularo, Josh Spyropolous, TJ Lancaster, Sean Cosijn, James Laboo, Karl Ropelin, Jinho Jung-Cotton, Will Eivers, Tim Ja, Sam Du and Matthew Chan. 

Another huge thankyou as well to the volunteers, the hairdressers from Nicole Gislingham Matters in Grey Training Organisation: Tai-Ling Hams, Kotahi Hetaraka, Janine Lillie, Ka Bellen, Roslyn Thomas, Laura Ponton and the wonderful Kayla from Event Styling Crew. 

Without everyone that helped and contributed the event would not have been possible. 

 By Piper Gates and Brianna Gallety

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