ANZAC Biscuit cook-along and Poppy making activity

We're remembering ANZAC Day this weekend, so our Junior School staff thought we'd do something really special and do a little cook-along and make some ANZAC Biscuits with you.  

You'll find a copy of the recipe below for you to download, and Ms Zingelmann and Mrs Clements would love for you to join them!

While our biscuits are baking, Ms Robinson also has a craft activity for us and shows us how to make our very own poppies to wear on ANZAC Day. You'll find the list of items that you need to make your poppies below.

Once you have baked your batch of ANZAC biscuits and created your poppies, make sure that you take a photo and send them to us at or send to us via our Facebook page.

ANZAC Day Poppies

Items that you will need to make your very own ANZAC Day Poppies:

  • Scissors
  • Black Pen
  • Red Coloured Pencil
  • Black Coloured Pencil
  • Glue
  • Sticky Tape
  • 50 Cent Piece
  • $1 Coin (or $2 Coin)
  • Safety Pin
  • Black Paper
  • Red Paper
  • (or white A4 paper will also work) 

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