Curious & Courageous Experiences

At Redeemer, it’s not just our students who are curious and courageous in their learning. This extends to our staff as well! 

Year 7 teacher, Mr Richard Marlow has embarked on the experience of a life time in a small remote Canadian Artic Gwich’in community called Fort McPherson for a whole school year, which commenced in late August 2019 through to the following June 2020.

Mr Marlow has gone as a volunteer with CUSO international to a school in the North West Territories in the far north of Canada up near the Arctic coast with a P-12 community age range. He is embedded within the school community and is able to serve in a range of ways to value add to the educational experience of the students and staff alike.

Take a listen to his radio interview with Rebecca Livingstone on Brisbane’s 612 ABC which aired on 12 November 2019. 

You can also learn more about Mr Marlow's experience by following his blog online at

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