Dual Olympian Visits Southside Aquatics at Redeemer

Dual Olympian Thomas Fraser-Holmes was a special guest when Redeemer's Southside Aquatics Swim Club held a Club Night recently on Friday 6 October. Tommy Fraser-Holmes was welcomed by Head Coach Lachlan Staples and over sixty swimmers.

The night included lots of racing in both 25m and 50m events with a barbecue to fuel the hungry hordes! Tommy demonstrated how it was done at the end of the night with a couple of laps of the pool and a quick relay.

When asked about the benefits of local swimming clubs, the Olympian said: "Local clubs teach swimmers to have discipline and that translates into school work, university, everything. As a young kid you can come to a local swimming club and meet friends you'll have a special bond with and keep for life".

Another Club Night will be held on Friday 25 November which is expected to even bigger, with nearly 60 Junior School students on the pre-season swimming roll! For more information about Southside Aquatics, visit: www.redeemer.com.au/community/southside-aquatics

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