Senior Student Presentation: The Power of Purpose

On Friday 17 July, students in Years 11 and 12 have the privilege of hearing Glen Gerreyn present two seminars, The Power of Purpose and Jailbreak

As a teenager nearing the end of my secondary schooling life, I have thought a lot about where I want to take my life to seek enjoyment and be fulfilled. And yes, I know what some of my talents are, but recognition of ability is not enough. Glen’s overarching theme was about commitment and mindset. Glen said, “What you behold is what you become. If you cannot imagine it, you cannot be it.” To turn potential into reality you must surround yourself with good leaders who share the same passion and can guide you, you must practise your talent with a commitment and applied mindset that is fuelled by passion, you must “reject rejection” and always back yourself. If you have hope for the future, you have power in the present.

Glen’s seminars are so impactful because they are genuine and blunt. Sometimes, teenagers just need an experienced adult to wake them up from whatever fantasy or negative mindset they are holding on to. Unlike so many other ‘motivational speakers’, Glen’s seminars have a profound impact, for those who listen and apply his advice. Motivation comes and goes. Proper commitment stays, and, along with passion, will serve as the fuel that can turn your potential into greatness. 

Robert Blakeley
Year 11 

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