Hello, Dolly! wows crowds

A combined audience of 1,800 filled the Logan Entertainment Centre across three sold out performances on 3-4 May, as audience members were treated to the talents of the cast, crew and orchestra members from Redeemer's 2019 production of Hello, Dolly!

Preparations for this year's musical have been in the making for many months, with staff from both the Junior School and Senior School involved in the production, from many departments across the College, including Art, Music, English, Design, Technology, in addition to many Support Staff who have helped to make the production possible.

Redeemer's bi-annual musical allows students to be involved across a number of year levels where they have the opportunity to be involved in a variety of areas such as the orchestra, cast and crew in different musicals. It is wonderful to see the students develop as they build their skills in a production capacity, as well as growing their relationships with staff and students across many year levels. It is clear that students’ confidence is also developed when they experience success in such a public forum. Many talents are showcased which otherwise could have remained hidden.

Congratulations to all 111 students involved in the orchestra, cast and crew, and a big thank you to all staff and parents of the College who have supported students involved with this year's production of Hello, Dolly! - clearly Redeemer's best yet!

Audience Reviews

A snapshot of some of the hundred's of comments that have been received:

  • Well done to everyone involved! What a production! Talented musicians, singers, actors, artists, backdrops, lighting and costumes, a truly spectacular show. Everyone should be proud to be part of it and as part of the school community, Our family feels blessed to have had the opportunity to see it tonight. (Sarah B)
  • Absolutely stellar performance. I loved every second of it. Orchestra were magnificent. Great job by everyone on stage. Sets were fantastic. Customes looked wonderful. You should all be very proud of this production! What an awesome opportunity for our kids to be involved in something this special. (Jodi B)
  • Absolutely incredible!! Loved every minute of it. What an amazing, dedicated and very talented cast. Such a professional and inspiring performance. The orchestra was amazing too ❤️Congratulations to all students, staff, cast, crew, musicians and parents. You should all be so proud. (Tamara H)
  • Absolutely amazing performance by all!! Out of all the Redeemer musicals I have seen I think this was the best one yet!! It made me laugh, it made me smile, and definitely brought a tear of happiness to my eye at the end. Special congratulations to the leads, especially Tiarna and Bethany who sang angelically, and the boys who played Cornelius and Barnaby who had me in stitches with their very comedic performances. 😂👏 (Annabelle S) 
  • Stellar performance from everyone involved. Everyone owned their roles- performers, musicians, backstage, catering...Everyone!! First class! A huge thanks to all the hardworking teachers who nurture, encourage and love our kids too. (Lisa T)
  • What an incredible performance - one of the best yet! Congratulations to the seamless backstage crew, the outstanding orchestra & Mr Law, and the talented cast and chorus. Special thanks to the dedicated and tireless Redeemer Lutheran College staff - you have given our children a lifelong gift - thank you. (Rowena C) 
  • We went to both evening performances and they were both gobsmackingly excellent in every way. So entertaining with many laughs throughout. Congratulations to all the students involved backstage, onstage and in the orchestra. A huge thank you to all the staff for their support and commitment to their students. (Nicholas T)
  • Wow Wow Wow! So entertaining, so polished and professional. Our family thoroughly enjoyed it. I was so proud to watch many students that I have had the privilege of teaching over the years. You are all so talented. Congratulations!! (Alison G)
  • First time watched the performance. Amazed by it! Can t believe that the students can performed so well! It is really the professional standard, the music, the singing and the action! I will sure buy the ticket again every year! (Ivy L)

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