Redeemer thrilled at announcement of $1.1M National Health & Medical Research Council Grant

In partnership with the college architect, Fulton Trotter, Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and Australian Catholic University (ACU), Redeemer Lutheran College is excited be part of the prestigious National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) ideas grant totalling $1.1M, to explore a new model of Intergenerational Living and Learning Environments.

The central idea is to explore how School and Senior living environments can be combined into a person-centred, health focussed and socially inclusive intergenerational place for living and learning.

The intent of the model is to enhance engagement of the young, reduce loneliness in the elderly, training for future carers, improve generational understanding, and maximise the use of real estate and buildings for young and old alike. Deepening relationships, connectivity and understanding between generations is the vision for this project, with the ultimate goal of developing a decision support tool and new design approaches for integrated campus communities.

Redeemer Lutheran College is proud to be named as industry partner with QUT, ACU and Lutheran Services in the NHMRC grant for intergenerational living and learning. "In 2017 the College, alongside Fulton Trotter architects, worked on a new Master Plan which envisaged a future community village as part of our community" said Mrs Tanya Crooks, Principal of Redeemer Lutheran College. "Over the next five years the grant will facilitate world leading research to formulate a model and design which leads to more connected communities who celebrate and share lifelong learning together" said Mrs Crooks.

QUT as the primary grant applicant will lead the academic team in collaboration with ACU and Deakin University in a 5 year study. Four PhDs, designed to gather related interdisciplinary knowledge, will form part of this exploration.

They will be joined by an industry partner team consisting of Redeemer Lutheran College, Lutheran Services Queensland, Fulton Trotter Architects, Wesley Mission Queensland, and Minx Architecture.

The Association for Learning Environments Australasia’s Queensland chapter has endorsed the study and will also be an industry partner.

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