Interhouse Pavement Art Competition

This year’s theme for the Redeemer Interhouse Pavement Art competition was, "Harvest". Food is the cornerstone of our very existence, so it stands to reason that foods should be an important theme in the arts. Students had to invent a design that reflected subjects related to Harvest: that is food: its production, consumption and / or symbolism.

Each of the four Houses entered three teams of four Senior Years and one Middle Years team with a senior mentor. The event reflected the vertical house ethos, as well as, the Middle Years and Senior Years. The mentors completed an important role in organising their younger peers who are not in House home groups.

The chalk art designs could have been devised in several ways: Students could use a famous artwork as a starting point and change or “appropriate” the composition to suit this challenge. Or, they could use their own design.

This year’s event was supported by a bustling crowd of on-lookers and House supporters. The 16 chalked artworks were completed in the covered area beside the tuckshop. There was a wonderful festival atmosphere, enriched by the Ramsay BBQ. The weather was perfect. It was engaging to see the conceptual thinking of the students with their clever visual messages communicating a variety of levels of meaning in their imagery.

All teams who participated are to be congratulated on their innovative interpretations of the theme and skilful application of the chalk medium. Judging this year was once again incredibly challenging with all works very closely placed. The Guest Judge this year was Miss Alanah Keanelly, a Pre-Service student currently placed at the College, in the Art Department.

Middle Years

  • 1st Place: MANSFIELD Team: Samantha Wong, Sam Du, Megan Kelly, Sarah Lee. Judge’s comment: “A unique design showing higher order conceptual thinking.”
  • 2nd Place: LAVARACK team: Jacqueline Salles, Isabella Daley, Ainsley Rudwick.
  • 3rd Place: RAMSAY Team: Paris Koppens, Laura Hindle, Heirine Kim, Izzy Black.
  • 4th Place: WILSON team: Jamie Li, Hanri Smith, Sariah Suter, Tahni Eaton.

Senior Years

  • 1st Place: RAMSAY team: Rebecca Chan, Petra Stiller, Shania Feroz, Amy Byun. Judge’s comment: ”An original interpretation of the topic, studying vintage food packaging. Excellent rendering of texture to imitate wood grain.”
  • 2nd Place: LAVARACK Team: Jamie Cosijn, Rucha Kashikar, Lauren Wilson, Sarah Lam.
  • 3rd Place: MANSFIELD team: Kacey Chalmers, Jordyn O’Kearney, Jason Tang, Cody Hutton.
  • 4th Place: WILSON team: Sarah Grimes, Abbey Hollier, Alexandra West, Emily Boulus.

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