Introducing Marty the Mascot

We are excited to be able to introduce you to Redeemer's new Mascot, Marty the Blue Tongue Lizard! Marty was welcomed into the Redeemer family at yesterday's Senior School and again this morning at our Junior School Assembly!

Our Blue Tongue Lizard was designed by Anabelle, Emily and Imogen Henderson in a design competion last year where the Blue Tongue Lizard was the winning entry voted on by Redeemer's students. Marty takes his name from Martin Luther as the original concept of Marty came to life last year in 2017 while we were celebrating the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation.

We also acknowledge the Graduating Class of 2014 who had the vision for a new Redeemer Mascot, and contributed towards the project.

Why a Blue Tongue Lizard? 

As a family, we have come up with the idea for a mascot - a blue tongued-lizard. After doing some research, we discovered that blue tongued-lizards are curious and friendly animals. These are qualities that we are as Redeemer students aim to have also. Our mascot would show care for the students by being good natured and friendly. 

Blue tongues are native to Australia and are unique. They are also present in the Rochedale area and their blue tongue is used to frighten off attackers. We think that a blue-tongue lizard is a good idea for our Redeemer Mascot because they are friendly creatures and although shy they are territorial and are fierce in defence. 

According to our research blue is a colour that symbolises loyalty, courage, faith and heaven. It is the colour theme that represents our school and our spirit.  Our new mascot could present ‘blue ribbon’ awards for students who demonstrate excellence in their efforts in sports and who inspire other students to participate. 

Blue tongue lizards have stripes that depict their type. This has another meaning of being yourself. Our mascot could spread positive messages to the students about showing their true stripes- that is being themselves as individuals. This relates to the school value of integrity - being true to your values. 

We imagine that our new mascot could hand out blue balloons, blue sports drinks and blue ice blocks at events such as sport days and school tours. We hope that as a community we will also barrack alongside this mascot when we cheer on our Redeemer sports teams. Students could paint their cheeks with blue ‘lizard stripes’ and streak their arms with blue zinc.  When we cheer our war cries we would finish with “Redeemer Blue” and our lizard could pull a blue tongue face to match. Blue streamers when thrown will unroll like a lizard tongue. 

Written by Anabelle, Emily and Imogen Henderson

The meaning of "Marty"

Marty is named after Martin Luther, and the original concept of Marty came to life last year in 2017 while we were celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.

Martin Luther was a sixteenth-century German religious leader; the founder of Protestantism. Luther, a priest of the Roman Catholic Church, began the Reformation by posting his Ninety-five Theses, which attacked the church for allowing the sale of indulgences.

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