Jonny Shannon Health Presentation

On Friday 21 August, Jonny Shannon spoke to our Year 12 students on the topic of ‘Drugs & Alcohol’. Jonny was awarded ‘Australian Motivational Speaker of the Year (2020)’ by Corporate Vision at the Education and Training Awards. He is also the most requested youth speaker in Australia so we were lucky to get him in!

As we are currently practicing social distancing we requested a virtual presentation. This is one of the first virtual presentations Redeemer Lutheran College has hosted; however, the students responded positively towards the experience. The engaging and interactive nature of the presentation made it feel as though Jonny was truly present with the Year 11 and 12 group. 

Just like comedians and performers during former times of global struggle, it’s been proven that these types of events and engagements can help alleviate stress and increase morale through shared laughter, thinking and discussion. Giving the mind a much-needed break from the external stresses being promoted and perpetuated.

At Redeemer Lutheran College we want to continue to both educate our students on the very real and present issues taking place in student lives while also encouraging them to make healthy and positive choices. We were quite fortunate that Jonny’s presentation has only helped further contribute towards this goal. 

The presentation managed to be both entertaining and informative. Instead of just telling students “Don’t do drugs!“, Jonny helped students to understand first and foremost what the initial causes are that lead to drug and alcohol use and eventually dependency. 

From here, students learnt how addictions are formed, and are then equipped with practical ways to stand strong against peer pressure. By the end of the presentation, students understood what our four core needs are and how to meet them in healthy ways, in order to make good decisions and avoid addictive patterns taking form in the future. 

The presentation covered substances such as alcohol, cigarettes and recreational drugs, as well as their effects, both short and long term. Once Jonny covered these substances he also provided positive alternatives. Jonny’s stories were very real, relatable and thought-provoking, highlighting the importance of making educated decisions and shining a light on the real reasons why people partake in heavy drugs for the first time. 

I believe the students walked away knowing a lot more about the reasoning behind “Why we do things when we know they are bad for us,” and are now better equipped to think through their decisions in a more intelligent way. 

Both student and teacher feedback was very positive. At Redeemer Lutheran College, we plan to continue to equip our students with world-class presentations to prepare them for the future. 

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