Thank you to our Health Care Workers

Before the holiday break, many of the Redeemer students hand wrote letters to the incredible Mater Health Care workers as a way to thank them for their amazing service. Their continual dedication is present not only in everyday circumstances but endlessly though the COVID-19 outbreak that affected everyone in some way. The tireless efforts from all the nurses and doctors lead to our community being kept healthy and safe during these times of uncertainty and worry. Being provided with the opportunity to write letters to the Mater team gave many students the chance to express their deep sense of gratitude and thankfulness while sending their prayers to help support frontline workers through these challenging times. The ability to write these letters also provided students with time to reflect on the hundreds of heroes who put themselves ‘out there’ to ensure we all remain healthy while they stay on the front line of the outbreak.  

Thank you to the all the parents, grandparents and guardians, as well as our teachers who worked endlessly to ensure both our Redeemer community and the wider community were kept healthy. Our prayers remain with you, as you continue working through these times. We appreciate you and your families who made getting through this pandemic possible. 

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