Redeemer Excels at MusicFest

Over the past three weeks, Performance Music has taken 8 ensembles to various locations across Brisbane to participate in MusicFest 2018! Across our Band and String programs, we received wonderful results, and the Redeemer community has a lot to be proud of.

  • 3 x PLATINUM Awards (Intermediate Concert Band, Senior Concert Band, Senior Stage Band)
  • 4 x GOLD Awards (Year 6 Band, Chamber Strings, Intermediate String Ensemble, Intermediate Stage Band)
  • 1 x SILVER Award (Junior Concert Band)

Recently, Bronte Kelly (Music Captain) took the opportunity to speak honestly and openly at the Senior School Finale Concert. She reminded us that “it’s not about the prizes, or the trophies but it’s about the musical family we have at Redeemer”. Going to events like MusicFest have once again, proven how strong and committed our musical family is. Thank you to all the students who worked hard in the lead up to MusicFest, attending rehearsals at alternate times, and engaging in more private practice than ever before. Thank you also to the parents who supported, encouraged, and made MusicFest a priority in family life.

  • Intermediate Concert Band received a Platinum award in the Middle Years section of the competition, a truly remarkable achievement for such a young group of musicians. 
  • Senior Concert Band competed in the ‘Secondary Concert Band A Grade’ section of the competition, and they were awarded a Platinum. Their adjudicator Dr Ralph Hultgren found their performance a “most enjoyable, engaging, and musically satisfying experience”. This is the third consecutive year, that this ensemble has achieved this result, the highest possible achievement for an independent school in Queensland!
  • Year 6 Band were awarded a Gold for their performance in the ‘Upper Primary’ section. This result is significant, because students at Redeemer begin their Band journey in Year 5, rather than in Year 4 like most other schools.
  • Chamber Strings entered the ‘Secondary String Ensemble A Grade’ section of the competition. Despite being the only Chamber Group to perform in this section, they were awarded a Gold. Their musicality and team work was inspirational.
  • Intermediate String Ensemble entered the competition for the first time! They competed in the ‘Middle Years String Orchestra’ section and were also awarded a Gold! This ensemble ranges from Years 4 – 10, so this result is absolutely outstanding and a true credit to all students involved.
  • Junior Concert Band entered the competition as well, despite having only played together since the beginning of Term 2 this year. These dedicated students were awarded a Silver and should be incredibly proud of themselves – they have a big future ahead of them!
  • Intermediate Stage Band performed at MusicFest for first time this year! Despite being quite young compared to other schools, they performed very well in their section, and were awarded a Gold.
  • Senior Stage Band entered the ‘Secondary Jazz Ensemble A Grade’ section and were awarded a Platinum. Not only did John Hoffman mention that this was the best school band he has ever heard, he commented on their “great sounds, beautiful intonation, dynamics and professional power”. He also chose to award Ryan Feroz (Year 9) an individual trophy, recognising talent that he has never seen in a school band before. 
It is hard not to be completely amazed by these results! Music at Redeemer is achieving great things across all Junior, Intermediate and Senior levels, through hard work, persistence and dedication.

As Zig Zigler states, “There is no elevator to success”. Thank you to the musical family at Redeemer who are prepared to ‘take the stairs’ instead.  We are so very proud of you all!

Mrs Christie Fleming and the Performance Music Team

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