New Year 7 Learning Spaces: Open for Learners!

Redeemer Lutheran College is excited about the completion of our brand new Year 7 learning spaces. 

Each floor of the Year 7 building (SD Block) has been converted from three traditional classrooms to a combination of two general learning areas connected by two smaller breakout spaces. The reconfiguration of space has been designed with the help of students and influenced by research in contemporary learning and teaching.

While traditional rows of standard desks and chairs facing a teacher who worked on a blackboard / whiteboard has served education well for decades, it isn’t the ideal environment to grow the skills students need now and into the future to serve their communities. The Year 7 spaces have been designed to assist students develop attributes that will see them grow as lifelong learners. The spaces will assist our students become curious as the collaboratively explore and engage in the world around them. The spaces will assist our students be courageous as they take more responsibility for their learning and work to solve problems and design solutions. The spaces will assist our students be Christ-led as they cooperate and serve each other while working and learning as a group.

While traditional learning spaces were designed for teacher-centred lessons and individual work, these new areas are equipped to ensure students are able to fully engage in a range of contemporary teaching and learning styles. The rooms feature collaborative areas and booths, private work spaces, multiple display screens, charging facilities for devices, various seating options, multiple lighting configurations and acoustic panelling. The result is a series of functionally flexible spaces that aesthetically feel both warm and stimulating. We're looking forward to seeing our students thrive in these contemporary learning spaces.

We acknowledge our sister school, Trinity Lutheran College for inspiration and collegiality on this exciting project.

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