A Parent's Response

Redeemer parents, John & Fay Poon reflect on their family's 14 year journey through Redeemer Lutheran College, following the graduation of their fifth child at the College.

On behalf of the parents, we would like to thank all the staff of Redeemer, including the cleaners, grounds and maintenance staff who keep the school facilities and the surroundings beautiful, tidy and functional each day. We thank all the teachers and teacher aides for teaching, guiding, stimulating and encouraging our children to learn. We also thank the College Council, the school administration and all supporting staff for keeping the smooth running of the College.

Students, we thank God above all for his provision of all these people and a great school for your secondary years and, for some of you, also your primary years.

As parents watching you grow up, we all feel proud of you, noting each and every little step you took: from crawling to walking, from kindy to prep and then through to primary and high school. We, as parents, stood by your side: guiding, supporting and encouraging you.

Looking back at all the days when we had early school runs or late afternoon pickups for sports practices or competitions, music rehearsals, concerts, competitions, or musicals which occasionally went past midnight, we would say, “what a relief that, after today, these are all over!”

We feel glad, but we also feel sad. We must say, we treasure the times that we cheer you on the sidelines, watch and listen to you perform, or just chat with you along the way in the car. With all these extra miles that we went, you participated in sports that built teamwork, in music that built patience and perseverance, and in all group activities that developed lasting friendships. We silently noticed your struggle as you made time to catch up with your assignments and admired the energy you put in to honour your commitments. We applaud you, students of Redeemer, that when Mr Law gave you the choice in bands or strings, you chose to play harder pieces that challenged yourselves to develop skills at a much higher level. This is the spirit you will bring to your future endeavours.

Primary schools and high schools are structured and disciplined learning environments. Most of the things have been well organised for you. After you graduate today, no matter if you will do further studies or go into the workforce, or both, you will have a lot more “freedom”, yet at the same time carry more responsibilities and inevitably face more challenges on your own.

But do remember, we as parents, will always be there for you and long to hear when you are willing to share.

Now, at the end of our journey as parents of students with Redeemer, we would like to share a little experience of our own:

Fifteen years ago, when our family needed to make a major decision to choose a high school for our eldest daughter, we sought guidance from God, and he clearly brought us to Redeemer. There were times when we would query our original decision, but we had hold on to what God himself had shown us. In the end when we look back, this college is in fact the best place to have given our five children the best possible opportunities to develop each one of them into an all-rounded person.

We would like to make two points from what we learnt.

  • The first point is: God is the creator and He knows the best for each one of us. Seek God and follow his guidance. God is calling for a close and personal relationship with you through his Son Jesus Christ, the Redeemer.
  • The second and final point is: take up challenges in your life. Even when you are as old as I am, there will always be new challenges for you. Every time I go on stage, I tremble. This happens even when I don’t need to speak.

Students: respond to God and take up challenges when they are of a good cause.

May all glory be to God!

Thank you,

John & Fay Poon

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