Distinguished Academic Achiever

Redeemer Lutheran College congratulates Olivia Wormwell, who graduated with an OP1, in 2018, and is amongst the top 0.6% Year 12 graduates in Queensland. She was one of only 34 students across the state to be awarded a QCE Achievement Award, putting her ahead of more than 50,000 peers. 

Olivia’s outstanding achievement was recognised at a special ceremony at the State Library of Queensland, where she was presented the award in the presence of Grace Grace, Minister for Education. 

Olivia was in fine company with Max Orchard, from Grace Lutheran College, one of the other top 34 students in Queensland. 

Distinguished Academic Achievers

This award is for the students who, in being awarded a QCE, demonstrate exceptionally high achievement across a diverse range of learning options. A shortlist of candidates is identified for the consideration of the selection panel using the following criteria:

  • an OP 1
  • an A on the QCS Test
  • Very High Achievements in at least 20 semesters of Authority subjects additional tertiary entrance information, including QCS Test performance additional level of achievement information total QCE credit, including credit achieved for Authority subjects, university subjects, VET diplomas and advanced diplomas.

Congratulations Olivia on such a significant achievement!

Redeemer Lutheran College Ranked 38th from more than 500 Queensland schools, with one third (33.33%) of our students from the graduating class of 2018 achieving an OP1-5.

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