Redeemer Fair 2016

A Combined Effort

Saturday’s Redeemer Fair was its usual success and the regular visitor to the Fair may well have taken much for granted, as any of us might do with regular events, regardless of their frequency.

However, for the myriad of Parents, students and staff who toiled before, during and after the Fair, there was and is a deep understanding of the effort, commitment, persistence and hope that was required to actually deliver the Fair. This of course does not include the good fortune of having the weather forecast being less accurate than it could have been.

For me personally there were very mixed feelings as I enjoyed and contributed my small bit to the Redeemer Fair for the last time as a Redeemer community member. I sincerely hope that in the years to come I will be able to continue to enjoy the Fair as a visitor.

I take this opportunity to thank the Parents and Friends of Redeemer, along with the students and staff who gave their best and remained ever hopeful under threatening clouds. The Fair was indeed a combined effort, a very public expression and celebration of community, led superbly by the P&F.

Thank you!

Mr David Radke | Principal

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