Redeemer hosts Lutheran Church General Synod

Redeemer Lutheran College was transformed from a school into a convention venue in the second week of the recent holidays for the Lutheran Church of Australia (LCA) 18th General Convention of Synod. Over 150 volunteers from within the Redeemer and Our Saviour Lutheran Church community assisted with organising the convention which was the biggest event ever hosted at Redeemer Lutheran College in our 35 year history.

Redeemer was proudly on show to 423 registered delegates and over 300 visitors who attended the convention from across Australia and New Zealand. In Principal David Radke’s opening welcome to the convention, Redeemer was referred to as “the school in the garden”. Comments have continued to flow in over the past week about the beautiful grounds and facilities at Redeemer. Numerous comments were also made about our staff and volunteers. Some comments were about the “superb” music or the “amazing” technology or the “inspiring” worship services. Many spoke of the warm welcome that “embraced us as soon as we walked in”. One lady was pleasantly surprised that the volunteers could actually answer her questions. Several visitors commented on the teamwork and the positive spirit with which our people did their jobs.

At a gathering of the District Synod Planning Committee, the LCA staff and the Bishops on Sunday evening, this Synod was hailed as the best one ever. I report that, not with the intention of skiting, but in order to celebrate what can be achieved when many people are involved and each one does his or her little bit. The synergy of teamwork is a formidable power, and when God has his hand on what we are doing, we can truly experience Philippians 4:13 “All things are possible, through Christ who strengthens me.”

What is the LCA General Convention of Synod?

The Lutheran Church of Australia (LCA) Constitution requires the church to gather together as Synod every three years. General Synod is the ‘highest constitutional authority of the Church’ (See LCA Constitution - Article VII. The General Synod). We call this meeting of the General Synod a ‘Convention’.

A Convention, however, is much more than a business meeting. Delegates come from across the parishes of the church. The people of the LCA gather in one place to worship, to pray, to get to know one another, to discuss doctrine, theology and practice, and to direct the affairs of the church. It’s a gathering of the family and a mission meeting all in one.

Lutheran Women of Australia Convention

  • Monday 28 September - Tuesday 29 September 2015, just before General Convention.
  • Venue: Redeemer Lutheran College, Rochedale Queensland
  • Visit the LWA Convention page for further information.

Lutheran Church of Australia General Convention of Synod

  • Tuesday 29 September - Sunday 4 October 2015
  • Venue: Redeemer Lutheran College, Rochedale Queensland
  • Theme: Where Love Comes to Life

Opening Service

  • Tuesday 29 September at 7.00pm in Redeemer Chapel.

Closing Service

  • Sunday 4 October at 8.30am in Redeemer Chapel.

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