Safer Communities - Redeemer receives $128,000 grant

Mr Andrew Kemp (IT Manager) and Mrs Tanya Crooks (Principal) accepting the grant of $128,000 for CCTV cameras

Redeemer Lutheran College is delighted to receive a grant totalling $128,000 towards the installation of a comprehensive CCTV security system for the College.

The College acknowledges the ‘Safer Communities’ Grant and the Hon Ross Vasta MP for making these funds available to schools such as Redeemer, to keep our communities safe.

Redeemer is a dynamic community - so much more than a school.  As a community learning hub, our College is utilised 7 days per week by a range of local community groups, including Our Saviour Lutheran Church, Southside Aquatics and Brisbane Chinese Language School to name a few. With so many people on campus at any time of the day or night, our highest priority is always for the safety of students and members of our wider College community.  The installation of CCTV security cameras across our College will ensure that the right people are always here at the right time.

The funding received from this grant will allow the College to fast-track these additional security measures, allowing our people, buildings and property to be monitored and secured 24/7, providing a degree of protection for our students that would, otherwise, have to wait.

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