Senior School Interhouse Pavement Art Competition 2019

Redeemer's annual Senior School Interhouse Pavement Art competition was held on Wednesday 29 May, 2019. 

It was wonderful to observe the buzz of activity as the four Houses, each with three teams: a Years 7-8, Years 9-10 and a Years 11-12 team. Out from the cloud of chalk dust emerged the most amazing, bold and colourful compositions, some communicating particularly strong messages!

Students brainstormed types of doors and doorways for this year’s interhouse pavement art competition: car doors, do tents have doors? What about birdcages? Oven doors and refrigerator doors? Students also looked at contemporary imagery and street art for inspiration.

Doors and doorways have been used as inspiration for some of the world's most legendary works of art and contemporary street art. Dozens of the world's most famous painters have found inspiration in the details, intricacies and characteristics of doors and doorways, whether interior or exterior, whether looking in or looking out, on a spiritual level or as a metaphor.

It was a challenging job for the judges Ms Hannah Wei, past student completing her Urban and Environmental Planning degree at Griffith Uni, and Miss Anderson. Congratulations to 1st Place - Wilson, 2nd Place - Mansfield, Equal 3rd Place – Lavarack and Ramsay. A big thank you to all participants and to all who supported the Ecomarines Barbecue.

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