Sister Snips raises $8,894

This year, 17 of our Year 12 girls, including myself, participated in Sister Snips, cutting a minimum of 18cm off their hair. Through the incredible support of family and friends who donated to each girl who took part $8,934 was raised, including both online and cash donations, as well as the drinks sold on the day of the event. 

Sister Snips was an initiative started last year by the Year 12 girls who felt that they wanted to participate in an event similar to the World’s Greatest Shave, which allowed them to serve their community through fundraising. 

The two Non-government organisations (NGO’s) that were chosen to receive the fundraising were ‘Love your Sister’ and ‘Daughters of Cambodia’. ‘Love your Sister’; established in 2012 by the Australian Actor Samuel Johnson, is a NGO dedicated to the vanquishment of Breast Cancer. Samuel started the charity for his sister Connie, who was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2012. Unfortunately, Connie passed away last year in September, but this has not stopped Samuel’s efforts. Through a variety of fundraisers, to this day ‘Love your Sister’ has been able to raise over seven million dollars. 

‘Daughters of Cambodia’, started in 2014, it is also a NGO who help women caught in the human trafficking trade, within Cambodia, to pursue a better quality of life. They do this by teaching them a trade in textiles, beauty therapy or hospitality. It gives the women a chance to leave the trafficking industry and gain work within one of the trades they are skilled in. While in Cambodia, Chloe Dart, who also participated in Sister Snips, and I were able to visit the ‘Daughters of Cambodia’ Visitors Centre and see all the empowering work they do. 

By seeing and learning about these amazing NGO’s, I became even more excited about Sister Snips and I’m very proud of myself and the other Year 12 girls for participating and raising much needed funds for these amazing NGO’s. The added bonus is that all 123 plaits of hair that were snipped on the day were taken to make wigs for Cancer and alopecia suffers. 

We would like to thank everyone who made the day possible, especially the hairdressers from Matters in Grey and Sustainable Salons who volunteered their time and talents to our event.

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