The Music Man - Redeemer's Best Yet!

An audience of close to 1,750 filled the Logan Entertainment Centre across three packed performances on 28-29 April, including one sold out show as audience members were treated to the talents of the cast, crew and orchestra members from Redeemer's 2017 production of The Music Man!

Preparations for this year's musical have been in the making for many months, with staff from both the Junior School and Senior School involved in the production, from many departments across the College, including Art, Music, English, Design, Technology, in addition to many Support Staff who have helped to make the production possible.

Redeemer's bi-annual musical allows students to be involved across a number of year levels where they have the opportunity to be involved in a variety of areas such as the orchestra, cast and crew in different musicals. It is wonderful to see the students develop as they build their skills in a production capacity, as well as growing their relationships with staff and students across many year levels. It is clear that students’ confidence is also developed when they experience success in such a public forum. Many talents are showcased which otherwise could have remained hidden.

Congratulations to all 102 students involved in the orchestra, cast and crew, and a big thank you to all staff and parents of the College who have supported students involved with this year's production of The Music Man, clearly one of Redeemer's best yet!

Audience Reviews

  • Seventy-six trombones led the big parade at last night's final performance of The Music Man presented by Redeemer Lutheran College. We've learnt to expect great things over the years and weren't disappointed. Mr Law once again lifted the orchestra by using the original Broadway score - giving a huge sound for the cast - ably headed up by Peter Kleinschmidt (whom I first met in his primary school days at Rochedale State School!). Olivia, Peter, Joshua and Emily stood out as leads but the whole cast and crew shone. My favourite memories - school board morphing into that barbershop quartet and Joshua (Winthrop) beating his lisp with gusto! - Ian Walker MP
  • On Saturday 29 April, I attended the closing night performance of the Redeemer Lutheran College Musical; The Music Man. This was truly one of the best musicals I have ever attended, schools and professional performances included. The quality of the singing, acting and dancing were outstanding and the performance of the orchestra faultless. This was a great end to a long day and reinforced why our schools are so highly regarded. They really do change children’s lives and offer a quality holistic education where every child can find an opportunity to shine. - Mr Dennis Mulherin, Acting Executive Director, Lutheran Education Queensland
  • Thank you dearly for another truly wonderful musical production. If I was to supervise a production like yours every week I'd be a happy fellow! The Orchestra was sensational, your Maestro rated the first night ten out of ten and knew you could go ten plus and you went there, believe me! I'll repeat what I critiqued during the two shows on Saturday saying that the chorus you performed in The Music Man was nothing short of Broadway quality. So much power in the vocals that our operator had to turn your headsets down! That just doesn't happen! It was also a great pleasure to realize how long we have worked together. Since Wizard of Oz no less!! Dedication and passion is the key to a great production. Redeemer was all about this and then some. Guess I've gotta wait two years for the next installment. Thank you again Redeemer. - Ricky J Larter, Event Supervisor to The Logan Entertainment Centre.
  • I have seen a lot of school musicals and I must say the singers/actors tonight made this musical by far superior to all others. Well done. It was such a pleasure to watch. - Mo
  • Fantastic performance by all, the set changes were smooth, the orchestra absolutely brilliant, the acting and signing was also brilliant. A faultless performance tonight. Well done to everyone involved. - Sharon
  • I loved it! And hope you all feel it is worth every ounce of planning, effort and expense that went into creating this wonderful experience for the students, staff and the wider Redeemer community. It think it's perfectly true to state that this will have been for many a life-changing opportunity and one that will be fondly remembered for years to come. I believe that our Lord honoured your efforts mightily because in the way you all carried out your tasks, you honoured Him. - Ash
  • This is the best school musical I've ever seen. Congratulations RLC. You should be very proud. - Leanne
  • absolutely loved it so so soooo much!!!! So much talent!!!! it really was a joy to watch!!!! fantastic job to everyone! - Ella
  • So professional, so entertaining and moving! My kids (including a 4 year old) were captivated. - Alison
  • So glad we could go Friday night! Redeemer absolutely raises the bar when they do a musical. Enjoyed every minute! - Naomi
  • Outstanding performance by such talented students and musicians blessed to have my children surrounded by such talented students and dedicated staff never disappoints. Olivia Wormwell has the voice of an angel!!!!! - Nicole
  • Fabulous performance....enjoyed it throughly. Being parents of kids in junior school it was amazing to see them come out so inspired by the students both on stage & in the orchestra. A big round of applause for everyone involved ! - Aviti
  • Thank you to everyone involved! That was awe professional. An absolute delight to be able to say to the extended family who joined us that our kids attend a school able to put on a musical of that quality! - Julia
  • Wow! What a FABULOUS production! From the wonderfully entertaining cast to the professional and incredibly talented orchestra, as well as the hardworking backstage and set/tech crew, and all the students, teachers, parents and volunteers who worked so hard behind the scenes with rehearsals and choreography and line-learning and singing, props and set construction and costumes, and anything and everything else in between - everybody should be very proud of a magnificent show. And to think you all managed to pull this off while keeping up with your school and other commitments too! What an amazing team effort. Congratulations all! - Melanie

Simply brilliant and I can't believe this is from high school students. Not much different from Broadway! Orchestra is unbelievable good. - CC

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