Vacation Care: A Smashing Success!

Vacation care these past September school holiday was a smashing success! We received so many compliments on our program and honestly feel that it was one of our best.

The holidays started out with a bang with Wheelie Day, a day we run most holidays, but this time around we made it even better by picking up some McDonald’s for a special lunch! The rest of the first week was rounded out with Music Day, Party Day, Camp Day and a special visit from Johnny the Jester, who made us all laugh for hours and he even brought along a dove, a rabbit and his pet snake. Those who were brave enough even got the chance to hold the huge python!

Our second week of vacation care started off with Go-Kart Wild bringing us twenty go-karts to spend the day racing around on and we spent hours pedaling around the Junior School! The rest of the week included our Sun Catchers’ Day, our first ever remote control and paper planes day, brought on by the children’s recent discovery of their love for paper planes, and a crazy Treasure Hunt Day which had us searching high and low around the Junior School.

The highlight of our entire holidays was definitely our Friday trip to Movie World however! Seeing all the movie characters, riding the rollercoasters and watching a stunt car show was the best way to end an awesome holiday here at OSHC.

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