“What a Card”: Interhouse Pavement Art 2018

Cards and card games have been used as inspiration for some of the world's most legendary works of art! Dozens of the world's most famous painters - including Caravaggio, Cézanne and Picasso - found inspiration in the details, intricacies and characteristics of cards, card games and its varied players and enthusiasts. Redeemer students had to devise a design that involved subjects related to playing cards or an individual card design. It was very entertaining to observe the buzz of activity as the four Houses, each with four teams, worked diligently supported by the keen crowd of onlookers. Out from the cloud of chalk dust emerged the most amazing, bold and colourful compositions, some communicating particularly strong messages and conceptual thinking! It was a most challenging job for the guest judge, Mrs Gregory. A big thankyou to all participants and to all who supported the ALWS Barbecue.

Congratulations to the following teams:

Middle Years Teams:

  1. WILSON - Elizabeth Duke, Mackenzie Cuthbert, Danica Coetzee, Simone Coetzee
  2. LAVARACK - Rhys Thurstun, Rebecca Reid, Ellena Ericksson, John Wong
  3. RAMSAY - Erin Bradshaw, Jasmine Cox, Zander Shepherd
  4. MANSFIELD - Ashley Meakins, Sarah Were, Lilly Parkes, Tyra Arther

Senior Years Teams:

  1. WILSON - Teresa Poon, Bayleigh Head, Matthew Chan, Jinho Jung-Cotton
  2. RAMSAY - Angela Huang, Meghan Peterson, Kareen Haddad, Bronte Kelly
  3. LAVARACK - Ella Wenke, Sean Cosijn, Alex Childs, Mikaela Clark
  4. MANSFIELD - Caleb Green, Harrison Brown, Joshua Hur, Ethan Slade

Given the standard of the competition, Mrs Gregory also made some Highly Commended Awards.


  • MANSFIELD TEAM 1 – Sarah Lee, Naureen Soofi, Samantha Wong, Alicia Johnson
  • LAVARACK TEAM 1 – Rhiannon Power, Jasmine Buckley, Charlotte Caswell, Mikaela Logan
  • RAMSAY TEAM 1 – Alice Shiaw, Jesse F, Bethany Liu, Navraj Nijjar
  • RAMSAY TEAM 3 – Paris Koppens, Heirene Kim, Isabelle Black, Laura Hindle
  • WILSON TEAM 1 Irini Skourmallas, Florina Adzanela, Alex Cuthbert, Bailey Aslander

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