2nd Place Innovation Award at World Robotics Contest

Congratulations to the Redeemer Robotics team and our six Year 5 students (Abigail, Albert, Angelica, Dominic, Nicholas & Patrick), who took out SECOND PLACE in the Innovation Award category at the WER (World Educational Robotics) competition in Shanghai. 

The competition included 2,000 students from all around the world. We loved this moment when the Redeemer video clip was shown on the mega video screen wall!

DAY 1 (Thursday 13 December) - Our robotics team are on their way to Shanghai for the World Educational Robotics competition! We’ve arrived in Singapore and looking forward to meeting up with the three other Year 5 students who have already arrived in Shanghai. It was also lovely to bump into a very familiar face (Mr Law) at the Brisbane airport before our departure! 

DAY 2 (Friday 14 December) - It’s been a busy second day in Shanghai for our six Year 5 students, together with Mr Vassallo and Miss Jones. This morning we visited Shanghai United International School. Our students showed the SUIS students what they do in Robotics and the SUIS students invited us to their cultural showcase. Following a banquet lunch and some yummy Peking Duck, we then went on to the Shanghai Science & Technology Museum. We’re looking forward to the WER (World Educational Robotics) competition which commences tomorrow! 

DAY 3 (Saturday 15 December) - An exciting third day for our visit to Shanghai! World Educational Robotics competition day! We arrived at the Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Centre together with 2,000 other students from all around the world! Redeemer’s six students from Year 5 are doing us proud to be a part of such a big international event. Five hours in and they were still showing energy, enthusiasm and resilience! Tonight we’re going to enjoy another delicious buffet back at the hotel, and rest before a second big day of competition tomorrow! 

DAY 4 (Sunday 16 December) - Our team had an early start today for the second day of the WER (World Educational Robotics) competition, and we’re so delighted to announce that the Redeemer Robotics team took out SECOND PRIZE in the Innovation Award category! An award for creative solutions to the unseen (before the competition) challenges. We’ve certainly witnessed that teamwork has been one of our teams’ strengths! Another highlight of today was to see each of our student’s videos on the competition’s mega screen! Go Redeemer! It’s sure been an exciting trip! Tomorrow we’re off to Shanghai Disneyland before commencing our homeward journey. 

DAY 5 (Monday 17 December) - What a tour it has been for our six Year 5 students together with Mr Vassallo and Miss Jones! Last night we had a celebratory dinner in the Shanghai Bund district after two days of competition (and after taking out second place of the Innovation Award in the World Educational Robotics competition!). We finished the evening with a bit of sightseeing in Shanghai, and today we enjoyed our last day with a visit to Shanghai Disneyland! Tonight we commence our journey home after what has been the experience of a lifetime! 

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