Year 1 Restaurant

Throughout Term 2, Year 1 students embarked on an exciting new learning journey with a focus around designing and implementing a restaurant in their classroom. This learning experience was in collaboration with their English unit on ‘Procedural Writing’, their Science unit on ‘Materials’, their Health unit on ‘Being Healthy and covered Mathematics concepts such as fractions, money, data, capacity, measurement and number.

The aim of this learning experience was to be as authentic and real world as possible. Classroom layouts changed to create more open spaces and different learning stations for the students to access. Students worked within all three Year 1 classroom spaces and with all teachers. This provided the opportunity for students to have small group instruction along with focused learning experiences that catered for a variety of learning styles and abilities. This inquiry unit offered students many hands-on, creative and intellectually stimulating learning experiences. 

During the course of the Learning Journey the students participated in a variety of experiences such as:

  • Designing and creating a Chinese restaurant
  • Hosting a Mother’s Day High Tea
  • An excursion to the Rochedale Markets fruit shop
  • Cooking experiences – Anzac biscuits, mini pizzas, dumplings, fruit salad, iced biscuits, dips
  • RedeemerChef judges from the Senior School to judge dips
  • Chinese dumpling cooking experience with a special guest chef
  • Visit from the College Nurse to discuss health and hygiene
  • Culminating and designing all aspects of the restaurant including, floor plans, invites, tickets, shopping lists, collecting the groceries from the Woolworths delivery truck, table settings, menus, preparation of food and roles for the day.

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