Authentic Experience: 'Art as Knowledge'

As Year 11 Visual Art students commence their Unit 3 course work they are exploring the concept ‘Art as Knowledge’. They are challenged to start with stimulus collected from an “authentic experience”. 

The students spent all day Tuesday working alongside guest artist Therese Flynn-Clarke gaining knowledge about 745 Rochedale Road, Rochedale: the local environment. Therese Flynn-Clarke works using a number of media including basketry, sculptural fibre art, eco-dyeing and wearable art, ceramics and mixed media, which all reflect her deep connection to the natural world from where her inspiration is drawn. 

Therese’s connection to ‘place’ and the land provides a source of subject matter and materials for her art work. Students collected direct stimulus from the property grounds as found objects and by documenting and recording observations in their art diaries. They came back into the art room and completed mini-activities using layered mixed media, string made from plant fibres and had wonderful results from the process of eco dying. 

Through independent investigation of their inquiry question and application of critical thinking skills, the students will now go on to generate a personal focus and commence a body of work.

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