Year 6 Food Design Technology

Healthy Drinks in the Food and Design Technology rooms

As part of the Year 6 Design Technology and Health units, students explored the positive benefits and negative impacts of various drinks on our health. They interpreted various drink labels which allowed them to make informed choices about each drink. Students investigated Food Safety and Hygiene practices before going to the Food and Design Technology rooms. They were asked to interview clients and to design a healthy drink suited to their client’s needs. Once the students formulated their plan, they then created their drink, making one for themselves and their client. Upon completion, students completed an evaluation to see if the client’s needs were met.

  • “It was fun to go to the Food Design Technology rooms and experience using different spaces, creating healthy drinks.” Sam D
  • “I enjoyed selecting a variety of different ingredients, using the blenders and then tasting my healthy drink creation.” Abby B
  • “It was fun to make a healthy drink and do something that I would not normally do at home.” Mac
  • “It was an amazing experience and great practice for Senior School.” Lilly

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