Redeemer's Rhodes Scholar

On Wednesday morning 13 May 2013, Redeemer experienced a very proud moment, a little bit like a proud parent witnessing the success of their child. It is not every day that a school experiences the joys of a past student receiving one of the highest academic accolades – that of being a Rhodes Scholar. Therefore, this was a very special time for Redeemer.

We’ve known for some time of the achievement of Redeemer’s past student, Andrew Trotter, in being awarded this scholarship, but it was Wednesday morning when we got to celebrate with him. Andrew journeyed from the Nation’s capital to allow us to honour him and allow him to inspire the current generation of Redeemer scholars. Joining us for this special celebration were Andrew’s family, a number of Andrew’s past teachers, both of Redeemer’s past principals, and the Assistant Director of Lutheran Education Queensland.

Andrew thanked Redeemer for the many opportunities it offered him, and continues to offer our current students.

Andrew summarized Redeemer’s strengths into the following four points:

  • Strong and varied education
  • Social and real-world experiences
  • Law and order
  • A healthy spiritual culture

Andrew encouraged students “don’t close any doors. There are lots of opportunities out there and a variety of experiences is what makes you interesting, knowledgeable, and ultimately, I think (I hope), successful. Not all such experiences will necessarily seem fun at the time.“

In closing, I leave you with these wise words from Andrew:
“You may have been told that pigs cannot fly. But I suggest to you that pigs operate according to the same laws of aerodynamics as every other object. That is to say, their size and shape makes it exceedingly unlikely that they will fly, but they can - if only given sufficient thrust.”

Mr David Radke

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