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“I like Redeemer because it is a beautiful school that gives us plenty of opportunities to try out everything and find out what we really enjoy. At first, I hated sports because I thought they were boring and a waste of time and energy, but once I tried out Hockey, I really enjoyed it. Redeemer proves to us that not everything is horrible as long as we try it out.”
- Elena (Year 9)

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Redeemer Lutheran College is a co-educational Christian day school, owned and operated by the Lutheran Church of Australia. Redeemer welcomes boys and girls from Prep to Year 12 from both Christian and other families.

Students find the College structure makes it easy to get to know others, and for teachers to get to know them. Redeemer offers two sub-schools (Junior School and Senior School) all on one campus, with the benefits of a seamless transition from Prep to Year 12. Students have the advantages of a school of ideal size and the benefits of the excellent facilities available campus-wide. Two age specific programs operate within each sub-school:

Redeemer's Learning Journey

Junior School Senior School
Early Years Program:
Establishing literacy and numeracy foundations

(Prep-Year 2)
Middle Years Program
Exploring broader learning opportunities
(Years 7-9)
Upper Primary Years Program
Developing personal responsibility in learning
(Years 3-6)
Senior Years Program
Embracing personalised learning pathways
(Years 10-12)