Sport at the College is a key part of the co-curricular program with its primary purpose being to support the College in delivering a holistic education, in which physical exercise, health, fitness and social development are key.  

The College offers a wide range of sports, both competitive and social which provide pathways and opportunities for our students to achieve their goals.

The College understands that each individual child will start their sporting journey at a different time and may also have varying reasons for participation.  Some will want to play with their friends, some will play to get active, whilst others may have a dream of becoming an elite level athlete.  Utilising this knowledge, the College has developed sports programs to provide pathways and opportunities suitable for the individual, regardless of age, gender or reasons for participation.

Start, Strive, Select

Start sports are introductory programs, many of which happen in Prep – Year 3. These programs are designed to encourage students to try a variety of new sports and eventually to begin to foster a passion and a love for sport, which will flow into their teenage years and adulthood.

Strive are the sports we offer in competition format, for example JTAS and GBC. The emphasis on Strive is that we as players, teams and coaches aim to perform to our best potential. We should promote the Redeemer values, Integrity, Excellence, Service, Care and Self-Discipline in our training, lifestyle choices and performance. We must always remember that we do not encourage winning at the expense of our core values and that friendships, curiosity and courage are vital in our enjoyment and long-term continued participation.

Select is the introduction of high performing year round training programs, which aim to improve the technical and tactical performances of our advanced athletes.  Our programs are Tennis Select and Volleyball Select, both of which are seeing significant success in regards to player development and thus an advanced performance level in GBC competition.  Select sports have been chosen due to the long-term success, support and performance level of Redeemer students who regularly participate in these sports.  Students who participate in select sports are provided with opportunities to represent Redeemer at external high level sporting competitions.  Moving forward, we will continue to develop these programs and review additional select program opportunities with a long-term vision in mind.

Development Pathway Programs (Prep – Year 3)

After School Sport and Fitness Programs are delivered by industry specialists and designed for students in Prep – Year 3 to encourage their interest in physical activity, develop basic skills and to create a passion for sport.  The focus however is ultimately on enjoyment, enabling students to try their hand at a range of sports prior to participating in the College's interschool competition.

Junior TAS (Years 4-6)

Students in Years 4 to 6 train and play in a Saturday morning inter-school competition (Junior TAS) which is played in a home and away format.  The Junior TAS competition has modified rules and encourages all levels of ability with a strong focus on participation and skill development.

The sports currently offered in the Junior TAS competition are:

Term Sport Carnivals
Term 1
Cricket & Hockey
Term 2
Netball & Rugby Union
Cross Country
Term 3
Basketball & Soccer
Term 4
AFL, Tennis & Touch Football

GBC (Years 7–12)

Students in Years 7-12 train twice a week and compete in the Greater Brisbane Conference (GBC) interschool sporting competition with fixtures played on Saturday mornings in a home and away format.  Both experienced and novice players are encouraged to participate and enjoy the challenges associated with skill development and improvement.

The sports currently offered in the GBC competition are:

Trimester Boys Girls Carnivals
Trimester 1
Cricket & Volleyball
Basketball & Tennis
Trimester 2
Touch Rugby League & Tennis
Netball & Soccer
Cross Country
Trimester 3
Soccer & Basketball
Volleyball & Touch Football

Interhouse Sports Carnivals

Within the College, students represent their houses – Lavarack (red), Mansfield (green), Ramsay (yellow) and Wilson (purple) while competing at Interhouse Sports Carnivals for Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics.  There is a strong emphasis on teamwork, good sportsmanship and participation, which sees everyone have a go, have fun and earn points for their house.

External Competitions

The College participates in the Logan District Sports Trials in many different team and individual sports.  This can lead on to students gaining selection in the Metropolitan East sporting teams for State competitions and ultimately national representation.  The College supports and encourages students to pursue representative opportunities.

Many young sports people at the college have reached state, national and Olympic level over the years.

The College also participates in several tournaments throughout the year including Vicki Wilson Netball Cup, All Schools Touch Football, Qld Volleyball Schools Cup, SEQ Schools Futsal Titles and Hockey gala days.

The College has a sports award night every year to acknowledge the special achievements of our athletes with a sporting great invited as Guest Speaker to celebrate their sporting success.

Strength Training and Conditioning Program

Students in Years 7–12 have access to the Strength and Conditioning program run before and after school during term time.  The purpose of the program is to provide students with age appropriate strength and conditioning exercises aimed at preparing them for the physical nature of their respective sports.  All sessions are fully supervised by our certified and highly experienced trainers in the fully equipped gym.

Redeemer Sport Coordinators/Coaches

Mitchell Thomas | Head of HPE and Sport
Michael Conlon | Coordinator of Sport (Prep - Year 12)
Mikhaela Donnelly | Sport Coordinator (Basketball, Cross Country and Boys Tennis)
Alex Ford | Sport Coordinator (Cricket, Touch Football, Strength & Conditioning)
Sophie Maguire | Sports Coordinator (Football, Girls Tennis and Strength & Conditioning)
Chelsea Stevenson | Sport Coordinator (Volleyball and Netball)

Mitchell Thomas | Head of HPE and Sport


Mitchell Thomas is an experienced educator who has taught in a range of Queensland schools for 10 years. He is passionate about the benefits of Health and Physical Education, the opportunities and life skills that come with team sports and discipline; and is dedicated to developing an engaging and educative HPE curriculum for Redeemer students. As a past graduate of Redeemer Lutheran College (class of 2003) Mitchell has an incisive knowledge and understanding of the traditions of the college whilst having a strong passion for Redeemer sport.


  • Experience as a Head of Department for HPE and Sports Excellence
  • Experience as a Director of Sport
  • District Review panel member for Physical Education
  • QCAA Lead Endorsement Assessor
  • QCAA Senior Marker for the external assessment examination


  • Played over 100 QBL (Queensland Basketball League) matches
  • Coached numerous school basketball teams at QLD School Championships
  • Played club touch football
  • As an RLC student participated in: Volleyball, Rugby Union, Basketball, Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics

Michael Conlon | Coordinator of Sport (Prep - Year 12)


Michael Conlon is a passionate and sport-loving coach with over 20 years coaching experience who aims to inspire athletes to do their best. Michael provides coaching, mentoring and support to young athletes which incorporates sports psychology, fitness, injury prevention and motivational techniques.  Michael has completed studies in Nutrition and Human Movement.  He is a highly decorated elite level athlete with proficiencies in many sports having played at club level or higher.  These include Athletics (Track and Field), Rugby League, Touch Football, Cricket, Soccer, Badminton and Volleyball.


  • Level 2 Volleyball Coach
  • Level 3 Athletics Coach (Throws)
  • Level 2 Athletics Coach (Sprints & Jumps)
  • Level 1 Athletics Coach (Hurdles & Distance)
  • Level 1 Badminton Coach
  • Level 1 Cricket Coach
  • Over 30 Years combined as elite level athlete and sports coach

Sporting Achievements:

  • Represented Australia Junior Athletics
  • Represented Australia Men’s Indoor Volleyball
  • Represented Qld Open Men’s Indoor Volleyball
  • Represented Qld U21 Boys Indoor Volleyball
  • Captain Qld Open Men’s Indoor Volleyball Team
  • Ranked 3rd Australian Beach Volleyball Tour
  • Finished 7th Australian Amateur Body Shaping Championships

Mikhaela Donnelly | Sport Coordinator (Basketball, Cross Country and Boys Tennis)


Mikhaela Donnelly is a professional athlete with a passion for coaching and guiding our students to learn, develop and reach their goals. Mikhaela brings her years of coaching and athlete development to the College and aims to share her sporting endeavours and experiences with our athletes in a hope to inspire all to take their skills to the next level. Mikhaela has represented Australia on numerous occasions for basketball and is currently an athlete in the Women’s National Basketball League (WNBL). A few of her other sporting achievements include: 

  • Under 17 Australian Women Oceania World Qualifier Team
  • Logan Thunder QBL (Queensland Basketball League) Captain Townsville Fire WNBL (Women’s National League) 
    • Youth Olympics 3 x 3
    • Under 19 World Championship Squad
    • Under 19 World Championships 3 x 3
    • Australian Institute of Sport Basketball Scholarship Athlete
    • Logan Thunder WNBL (Women’s National League)
    • Under 19 Australian Women’s Team for World Qualifiers
    • Australian Opals China Tour

Alex Ford | Sport Coordinator (Cricket, Touch Football, Strength & Conditioning)

Alex Ford has worked in various roles within private schools for the past 10 years and has a passion for sport and fitness, extending well beyond his own athletic pursuits. Despite being a swimming gold medallist at state level at age 11 the pull of team camaraderie drew him towards AFL and Cricket where success could be shared and enjoyed by many. Having completed a Bachelors degree in Exercise Science as well as a Masters of Strength and Conditioning, Alex is proficient in not only the tactical and skill based elements of sport but also how to physically train and condition athletes based on their specific needs.

Qualifications and Achievements:

  • Bachelor of Exercise Science
  • Masters of Strength and Conditioning
  • Level 1 ASCA Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Currently representing Labrador Tigers in the QAFL State League
  • 2013 Victorian State-wide T20 Winners with South Caulfield Cricket Club
  • Swimming Victoria 2000 State Gold Medallist – 4x50 Freestyle Relay

Sophie Maguire | Sports Coordinator (Football, Girls Tennis and Strength & Conditioning)


Sophie Maguire is a former Queensland Academy of Sport scholarship (QAS) holder and has represented Australia in various youth football teams. During her time at the QAS ignited an interest in Strength & Conditioning. This motivated Sophie to further her education in Exercise and movement Science and coach a variety of sports. Sophie has worked with a wide range of elite athletes from sports such as BMX, Swimming, Rugby, Football and Tennis. Her passion as a coach is in long-term athlete development, injury prevention and helping other to achieve their sporting dreams.  


  • Bachelor of Exercise and Movement Science
  • ESSA Accredited Exercise Scientist
  • Level 1 Strength & Conditioning Coach (Australian Strength & Conditioning Association)
  • Level 1 Mattwork Pilates
  • Level 1 Community Athletics Coach
  • Playing Achievements
  • 2013 Awarded University of Queensland Sports Achievement Scholarship
  • 2010-13 Queensland Academy of Sport Scholarship holder for Football
  • 2007-12 Represented Queensland in Woman’s Football
  • 2011 Selected In Junior Westfield Matilda’s Squad
  • 2009 Represented Australia in U14 Westfield Women’s Football in Vietnam

Chelsea Stevenson | Sport Coordinator (Volleyball and Netball)


Chelsea Stevenson is a young, dedicated and passionate coach with 3 years coaching experience and 8 years playing experience. Chelsea’s playing experience at club, state, national and international levels has allowed her to gain knowledge of both athlete and coaching aspects of sport. With this, it allows her to provide support, mentoring and coaching to young athletes from both aspects of the game. Chelsea is also currently studying to be a high school HPE teacher.

  • Represented School Girls Queensland team in Malaysia and Singapore
  • Won Nationals at Australian Schools Cup, Four years in a row
  • Represented Qld Senior Pirates Indoor Volleyball Team
  • Represented Qld U19 Indoor Volleyball (twice)
  • Represented Qld U17 Indoor Volleyball 
  • Captained numerous Met West Indoor Volleyball Teams
  • Invited to and Participated in Australian Indoor Volleyball Camps
  • Coach Qld U17 Indoor Volleyball
  • Coach at Australian Schools Cup

Contact Information

Head of HPE and Sport Coordinator of Sport (P-12)
Mr Mitchell Thomas
Phone: 07 3340 8837
Mr Michael Conlon
Phone: 07 3340 8885 | Mobile: 0418 197 789

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Sport Scholarships

The College believes the right opportunity can make a big difference to a student's future.  With the goal of providing students the opportunity to reach their full sporting potential while surrounded by a wonderfully talented and supportive team of highly professional coaches and mentors.  Sporting Scholarships are eligible for students currently in Years 5 to 11. For more information or to apply, Click Here.

Sport Notices

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