Senior Years

Embracing personalised learning pathways

Senior Years Program (Years 10-12)

The Senior Years Program caters for students in Years 10-12. Redeemer Lutheran College provides a rigorous and stimulating learning environment which prepares students for tertiary study, work and life.

In Year 11 and 12, Redeemer offers a broad selection of academic and vocational courses which allows students to develop and pursue their passion and interests, and engage in pathways that lead to a range of university and career opportunities.

Mrs Anastasia Strong | Head of Senior School and Director of Student Wellbeing P-12

Quality Learning

At Redeemer, we strive for excellence in all we do and expect that students will do their best in their academic endeavours.

The Learning Mentor journey is pivotal to the motivation and success of students at Redeemer Lutheran College. This innovative practice ensures that each student has the opportunity to meet with a staff Learning Mentor (in addition to subject teachers), who will monitor their academic progress and assist in their academic engagement, learning and educational goal setting.

Various pathways are provided to students to further their study and careers. Students may embark on a rigorous academic program which prepares them for higher education or they may access an alternative pathway which includes school-based apprenticeships and traineeships combined with Certificate courses offered by TAFE and other outside providers. Extension opportunities are also available through studying University subjects in Year 12. Our goal is that students will be equipped for lifelong learning.

Student Wellbeing

At Redeemer, each student is treated with the love, respect and concern they deserve. This belief underpins our approach to student care.

Pastoral Care Leaders, Learning Mentors and Home Group teachers oversee the spiritual, academic, emotional and social development of students.

All students in Years 7-12 are cared for by a Learning Mentor. The Learning Mentor guides individual students, challenging them and assisting them to grow in all aspects of student learning and wellbeing. The Learning Mentor provides valuable observations and information about the progress of each individual student to parents and key staff, including the Pastoral Care Leader, Learning Enhancement staff, Counsellors and Subject Teachers and will oversee student self-reporting to parents.

Students in Year 8 -12 are members of one of our four Houses; Lavarack, Mansfield, Ramsay and Wilson. Students meet daily in multi-age House groups and participate in activities aimed to develop friendships and foster a sense of belonging in a Christian community.

The House system is the basis of much friendly rivalry. Houses compete for the House Cup awarded annually to the House which has been the most successful in a range of events including Swimming, Cross Country, Athletics, Pavement Art and ReCykle.

Distinct Identity

Redeemer Lutheran College Senior School is a vibrant learning environment which prepares students for life. It is an educational community, characterised by a strong academic tradition, high expectations and a friendly environment.

Senior Years (10-12) students wear a uniform that distinguishes them as the seniors of the College. Year 12 students have the privilege of wearing a senior tie which symbolises the leadership responsibilities they uphold in their final year.

Student Leadership

Service is a key part of our focus. Opportunities to serve include college, house, sport, music and debating captains. Various committees including Community Service, Faith and Service, Traditions and Cultural, Academic and Earth Care are opportunities for students to contribute to school life and, indeed, they are responsible for organising many activities throughout the year. Senior Years students can also act as mentors for their Middle Years and Junior School counterparts.

Service Learning

Our Saviour congregation and Redeemer Lutheran College have formed a joint ministry with Helping Hands to minister to our local community every Friday night. Helping Hands reach out to those who struggle with life and lend a helping hand. They could be people who find themselves isolated, sleeping outside or in hostels, less advantaged, or just enjoy a cuppa and chat on a regular basis. Students in the Senior Years are encouraged to assist on the Helping Hands run and make a difference to the lives of people in our local community.

Co-curricular Program

Opportunities to participate and learn through co-curricular activities are many and varied. There is an extensive sporting program as well as cultural opportunities in activities such as drama and art clubs, debating and service oriented activities. The music program includes a wide range of vocal and instrumental ensembles and Redeemer has an enviable reputation in musical competitions.

Parent and Community Involvement

Parents are invited to be actively involved in the Senior Years journey with their child. Opportunities exist for parents and extended family members to attend Year level barbecues, worship, assemblies and carnivals.