Middle Years

Exploring broader learning opportunities

Middle Years Program (Years 7-9)

The Middle Years Program at Redeemer Lutheran College caters for students in Years 7-9. Redeemer is committed to providing a pathway for students from the primary years to the senior secondary years which recognises the need for age-relevant, academic, and pastoral care learning opportunities that allow pre and early teens to progress with confidence, knowing that they are safe and understood.

At Redeemer, we understand that students are unique individuals, with their own specific gifts, talents and challenges. Our learning mentor program allows staff to work alongside students encouraging them to develop their talents, assisting them to develop strong values and equipping them with the skills they require to succeed in the senior years.

Mrs Anastasia Strong | Head of Senior School and Director of Student Wellbeing P-12

Quality Learning

Redeemer follows the Australian Curriculum to ensure that Redeemer students are equipped for senior secondary studies and life after school, in line with State and Federal Government guidelines. In addition to the requirements of the Australian Curriculum, Middle Years students are provided with innovative learning experiences and other technologies that introduce students to vocational pathways that become available in the senior secondary years.

Each student is allocated a staff learning mentor to assist in their academic engagement, learning and educational goal setting.

Student Wellbeing

The Pastoral Care program of the College is designed to meet the social and emotional needs of all students. Year 7 student wellbeing is underpinned by a horizontal Home Group structure with a Learning Mentor and Home Group teacher that provide support as they transition to the secondary school setting.

At Redeemer, each student is treated with the love, respect and concern they deserve. This belief underpins our approach to student care.

Pastoral Care Leaders, Learning Mentors and Home Group teachers oversee the spiritual, academic, emotional and social development of students.

All students in Years 7-12 are cared for by a Learning Mentor. The Learning Mentor guides individual students, challenging them and assisting them to grow in all aspects of student learning. The Learning Mentor provides valuable observations and information about the progress of each individual student to parents and key staff, including the Pastoral Care Leader, Learning Enhancement staff, Counsellors and Subject Teachers.

The Learning Mentor is the initial contact person for parents, for academic matters, whilst Home Group teachers and Heads of House oversee all aspects of student care.

Students are also allocated to one of four Houses. The House structure aims to foster a sense of connectedness to a family-style grouping, undertaken through vertical groupings of Years 7 to 12.

Students in Year 8-12 meet each morning in vertical house Home Groups. Students stay in the same Home Group for the duration of their Year 8 -12 journey, allowing them to forge strong friendships with older and younger students and their Home Group teacher.
Student leadership is fostered in the Middle Years through a focus on personal development and servant leadership.

Distinct Identity

The Middle Years Program has a distinct identity in terms of sub-school culture and is clearly identifiable within the Senior School setting. This identity is supported through daily and weekly routines such as morning Home Group, learning mentor time, chapels and assemblies.

Co-curricular Program

Opportunities to participate and learn through co-curricular activities are many and varied. There is an extensive sporting program in which all students are encouraged to participate as well as cultural opportunities in activities such as drama and art clubs, debating and service oriented activities. The music program includes a wide range of vocal and instrumental ensembles and Redeemer has an enviable reputation in musical competitions.

Parent and Community Involvement

Parents are invited to be actively involved in the Middle Years journey with their child. Opportunities exist for parents and extended family members to attend Senior School Chapel, assemblies and carnivals, in which Middle Years students are involved.

Year 9 Outdoor Education

All Year 9 students spend four weeks at the Mt Binga Outdoor Education Centre (2½ hours North-West of Brisbane) where many firm friendships are made. The program is designed to foster personal, spiritual and social development, confidence through the acquisition of skills, independence and inter-dependence, skills in co-operation and community living.

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The Redeemer Lutheran College Middle Years is committed to providing a supportive and stimulating learning environment that caters for diversity and the social and emotional needs of adolescents. Students from Year 7 to Year 9 engage in learning that fosters investigation, questioning, higher order thinking and problem-solving with an increasing degree of autonomy.
Teaching and Learning programs are developed in accordance with National Syllabus documents and the National Goals for Schooling. The Middle Years curriculum allows students to explore and build their knowledge and skills in the following Learning Areas:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Technology
  • Health and Physical Education
  • Languages
  • The Arts (including Drama, Music and Visual Arts with specialist teachers)
  • Students also undertake Christian Studies based on Lutheran Educations Australia’s Christian Studies Curriculum Framework.

As students prepare for increased specialisation in the Senior Years (10-12), Year 7 Students are given some experiences in all subject areas. Their program for this first year of Secondary School encompasses the following core subjects:

  • Christian Studies
  • Learning Mentor Time
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Health & Physical Education
  • History / Geography (1 Semester of each)
  • Technology: Digital Technology (1 Semester), Industrial Technology (1 Term), and Food Technology (1 Term)

And the following elective options:

  • LOTE - Choice of Japanese or German
  • The Arts - Students study two of the following: Drama, Music, Media Studies, Visual Art

Learning Support Programs - Years 7-9

Specific programs are developed for students who require additional support and are delivered by specially trained staff in the Learning Enhancement and EAL (English as an Additional Language) departments.