From the Principal

As a Christian Lutheran education community we hold our young people as not only the future in terms of economy and pragmatic needs, but to instil a moral and social belief in the value of people as individuals. As all humans are part of God’s family, our opportunity to engage and converse with our students as Children of God is central to all that we do and offer.

Education is central to the development and improvement of the lives of young people globally. An effective education system where students come first offers greater opportunities to raise self-worth and better support for themselves, their families and communities. We must strive to meet the highest academic standards by educating the “whole” student, where each student is viewed as an individual in order for them to reach their highest potential. The College curriculum and programs should be based on a developmentally appropriate model that responds to:
• knowledge about how children learn;
• knowledge of the individual differences of children;
• the need to provide continuity of learning experiences across, between and within all settings.

The Redeemer community must seek to help students from Prep to Year 12 to achieve personal excellence and become effective citizens. They must be nurtured to become adults who have skills, attitudes, values, beliefs and knowledge to be productive community members, leaders, parents, as well as employees and employers of a society that is positive and sustainable.

In this ever-changing world, we see that the core values of integrity, excellence, service, care and self-discipline form the building blocks for a successful and purposeful life.

Through our approach to excellence in teaching and learning, our extensive co-curricular offerings and our heart for community service we seek to inspire students to be curious about their learning, be courageous and innovative in meeting challenges, and Christ led in their relationships.

I warmly invite you to visit Redeemer to discuss further how we may partner with you on the learning journey for your child.

Mrs Janelle Anderson