Redeemer Alumni

Redeemer Alumni was formed by a small group in 1985 with the aim of enabling past students to meet socially to maintain the friendships and the acquaintanceships begun in their school years at Redeemer. The group also hoped that, as it grew in size and enthusiasm, opportunity would exist for it to contribute in a variety of ways to the continuing development of the Redeemer Lutheran College community.

All graduating students are given honorary membership of the Redeemer Alumni and reunions are organised so students can keep in touch.

Successful 10, 20, 30, and now also 40 year reunions are held each year. We are always keen to hear of success stories from our Alumni to share with our community, so please send any details and photos to us:

We would love feedback from our Redeemer Alumni on what they would like to see the reunion events looking like. If you would like to contribute to the feedback, please complete the short survery below.

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The Benefits of Redeemer Alumni!

  • Priority Enrolment to Redeemer Lutheran College for your children (Contact the Enrolments Office on 07 3340 8822 for more information).
  • Reunions: Successful 10, 20, 30 and 40 year reunions are held each year.