Outdoor Education (7-11)

Outdoor Education is an integral part of Redeemer’s Personal Development program and provides unique opportunities and experiences for all students from Year 3 through to Year 11. The sequenced program aims to develop in our students:

  • self-confidence and self-respect and an appreciation of students’ worth as individuals.
  • a faith for daily living that may thereby be helped in achieving their highest potential as children of God.
  • responsibility as members of their families and citizens of their communities; recognition of the worth of all people by being sensitive to and respectful of their individual beliefs.
  • a belief that health of mind and body, physical fitness and mental well-being are conditions to be achieved and maintained.
  • their capacities for leadership within their own groups and in community life.
  • An appreciation of the beauty, diversity, and interdependence of all forms of life and all resources which God has provided in their world.
  • Our Outdoor Education program links the classroom curriculum to the outdoors, and allows students to learn through practical experience, reflection, and discussion. Students are challenged to engage in environmentally sustainable living practices and to develop key personal and social competencies.

Students engage in challenges and activities of varying complexity that require them to be creative, organised, and resourceful; whilst developing resilience and additional skills required to live harmoniously and sustainably in an ever changing world.

Outdoor Education in the Middle Years expands and extends the challenges presented to students in previous years. The programs continue to foster personal development, skill development, experience, and knowledge with regards to environmental awareness and appreciation, sustainability, adventure and community living in a non-threatening environment of ‘challenge by choice’.

Outdoor Education in the Senior Years focuses on independence and leadership. The Year 9 Experience is the pinnacle of the Outdoor Education program. This extended experience offers a greater level of complexity and challenge than previous programs and fosters learning outcomes relating to independence, co-dependence, respect, perseverance, community living skills, increased self-reliance, resilience, and a greater understanding of our responsibilities in the world and our relationship with God.

The following Outdoor Education Experiences are held in the Senior School for students in Years 7-11:

Year 7Year 7 Camp, Luther Heights, LYQ Campsite, Coolum Beach (2 nights)
Year 8Year 8 Camp, Higher Ground: Kenilworth Homestead (2 nights)
Year 9Year 9 Outdoor Education Experience, Mt Binga Outdoor Education Centre (4 weeks)
Year 11Year 11 Leadership Camp, Luther Heights Youth Camp, Coolum (2 nights)

Year 9 Outdoor Education Experience

Redeemer Lutheran College provides a compulsory outdoor education opportunity for all students in Year 9. Redeemer provides its program through contracted arrangements with Mt Binga Outdoor Education Centre, a specialised outdoor education provider which meets the goals and objectives of the college.

All Year 9 students attend in class groupings for a period of four weeks in Semester 2. It is compulsory that all students attend this outdoor education experience as it forms part of the curriculum for all students in Year 9.

Mt Binga Outdoor Education Centre

Mt Binga Outdoor Education Centre is located 20km west of the township of Blackbutt on the picturesque Blackbutt Range, approximately 200km (2½ hours) North-West of Redeemer Lutheran College. The Centre is owned, run and staffed by Immanuel Lutheran College, Buderim. The facilities, staff and program run by Mt Binga Outdoor Education Centre has been made available to Redeemer Lutheran College. It is the policy of Redeemer that all students participate in the four week program of Outdoor Education.

All of the students will experience the preparation and execution of camping and hiking activities, including decision making, type of equipment and the selection and quantity of food. Prior to hiking and camping participation, all students will be given extensive instruction in maps and compass skills in conjunction with field work knowledge which includes building bush shelters, food and water conservation and other survival skills. Additional activities will include: Dairy, Horse Riding, Farming (including chickens, goats and lambs), gardening, high ropes, baking, students planning and preparing their own meals, daily devotions and Sunday chapel. Trekking and tenting is a core aspect of the Mt Binga program.

Mt Binga is a technology-free zone for students, but students are able to communicate with people at home via mailing written letters. A family open day (parent visit and pick-up day) is held on the last day of the camp.

The problems of living together and learning to cook, clean, wash, work and endure the strengths and weaknesses of fellow students are real. Outdoor Education makes every attempt to foster trust and understanding through relationships and hence a community spirit. The fostering of Christian ideals is an important part of community life at Mt Binga and students participate in morning and evening devotions.

Read student reflections on their experience here and here!


Accommodation for students consists of six dormitory-style buildings which each contain rooms of 12 beds. The students also have a shower/toilet area and space and facilities for students to wash their laundry items. Storage space in limited, and for that reason students are asked to only bring one duffel bag, which will fit under the bed.

Male and female accommodation blocks are separated, with the communal area and staff house located nearby. Each dorm is allocated a staff member as first point of contact.


Permanent and casual staff qualifications include teaching, outdoor education, senior first aid, remote area first aid, cooking skills and food handling qualifications. Staff have environmental interests, skills and enjoy promoting an active, healthy lifestyle.

Goals and Objectives

Students will be involved in a wide variety of activities and educational experiences that cannot be duplicated in a normal classroom environment. The fundamental objective is personal growth and development.

The stated major goals of the program are to foster each student’s development as a unique child of God by providing them with:

  1. the opportunity to develop awareness, appreciation and understanding of their relationship to God's creation;
  2. the opportunity to deepen their spiritual life and recognise how God's word affects their lives;
  3. the opportunity to live within a Christian community upholding Christian values concerning themselves, others and the environment;
  4. personal and group challenges, which are physical, mental, emotional and which promote responsibility, resilience, and respect of self and others.

Redeemer’s Outdoor Education Program aims to give students (within a context of careful supervision) an opportunity to:

  • learn outside the classroom, in a context of learn, then do;
  • cope with the pressures of living, responsibilities, failure and success;
  • experience a bush lifestyle;
  • spend time away from the comforts of home and modern technology;
  • learn to appreciate their families;
  • meet God in a different setting;
  • gain a better understanding of self;
  • make new friends;
  • heighten acceptance of others;
  • learn new skills.


Every student will receive a permission slip which includes a section on medical requirements to cover camping and hiking activities. It is important that medical information is current and that dental checks, immunizations, etc, are in order before students depart for the program.
All staff are first aid qualified and there are medical facilities in Pomona, Gympie and Nambour nearby.

Any students required to take prescribed medication during their stay at the Outdoor Education centre are to bring sufficient quantities, clearly marking details. All medication is to be handed into the Redeemer Staff prior to departure and it will be administered under supervision following the information provided on the consent form. Analgesics will be dispensed from labelled containers provided by students.


The College charges to parents the full cost which it pays to Mt Binga Outdoor Education Centre. Please refer to the College Fees Notices for specific payment details and any concerns regarding costs should be directed to the Business Manager.

Students do NOT need to take pocket money to cover expenditure due to loss, breakages, emergencies and a Mt Binga shirt (if required). Any costs incurred will be added to the next term College account.

Final Word

The vast majority (consistently over 95% as per the annual Year 12 Exit Survey) of Redeemer students rank the Outdoor Education Program as their best overall experience at Redeemer Lutheran College.

We hope that the Outdoor Education Experience at Redeemer will provide your child with a unique and long remembered experience that will aid his/her personal and spiritual development.