The Redeemer Co-curricular Cultural program offers students the chance to engage with activities of service as well as skill building and personal and academic development. 

These programs are often sub-school specific and run on individual time lines with some operating all year and others on a term or semester basis.

Cultural Activities

Junior School - Art Club (Junior School), Chapel Audio Visual Group, Chess, Code Breakers - Lateral Thinking Club, Community Service, Dance – Christian Dance (Junior School), Debating, Drama Club, Library Assistant's Program, Robotics, Student Leadership Committees, Worship Band/Singers.

Senior School - Chapel Audio Visual Group, Chess, Community Service, Dance – Senior Dance Troupe, Debating, Drama Club, Duke of Edinburgh, Library Assistant's Program, Robotics, Student Leadership Committees, Worship Band/Singers. 

Duke of Edinburgh Award

Students are able to undertake the Duke of Edinburgh Award programs and may choose to complete any or all of the three levels, Bronze, Silver or Gold. Redeemer Lutheran College is a licenced operator of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award – Australia.

Student Leadership Committees

In addition to positions of Leadership, our students are able to take engage in Leadership opportunities through representation on a variety of committees and groups across both Junior and Senior Schools. These activities promote student voice and create forums for educating young people on how to actively contribute to community and make a difference in a given context. The committees that operate at Redeemer include but are not limited to; Academic Committee, Faith & Service Committee, Community Service Committee, Cultural & Traditions Committee, Earth Care Committee and Student Council.

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