Supporter Groups

Groups of parents meet regularly to support the activities of students in Music, Soccer and Debating . In addition to providing moral and vocal support, they raise funds for extra equipment or services, provide refreshments or meals and enjoy making friends with like-minded parents.

The groups operate under the umbrella of the Parents and Friends Committee. Meeting dates for Supporter Groups are published in the College Calendar and the Newsletter.

Music Supporters

The Music Supporters’ Group raises funds through concerts and other events to assist the Music Department with the purchase of additional instruments and equipment for students who are part of this expanding program. Come along to one of our informal meetings to learn more about how you can help. Contact David Law on 3340 8888 for more information. Parents/caregivers of students in all sub-schools are welcome.

The Music Supporters Group has provided the following items to the college over the past five years:

  • Choir Rise - worth $4,000
  • New Drum Kit for Studio 6 (used for percussion lessons)
  • Gong for the Concert Bands
  • French Horn (Purchased in 2010)
  • Extra tutor books for the Year 5 band program (2010)
  • Double Bass (2009)
  • Two Honours Boards in mahogany
  • Tuba
  • Subsidising of the biennial Piano and Vocal competition
  • Championship Trophies for the Biennial Piano and Vocal Competition
  • Tablecloths and candle holders for Chamber by Candlelight evening
  • Donations towards make-up for the musicals