Why Choose Redeemer?

For many people, the choice of schooling has a significant bearing on their life. It’s where lifelong friendships are formed, where characters are forged and where callings are cast.

Having these experience take place in the right environment is everything.

For any parent making a significant investment in their child’s education, being confident of the outcomes is paramount.

Through a Redeemer education your child can develop a strong character, do well academically, be confident, humble and happy. They will treasure their education and our community.

Our unique learning environment is valued by families long after students depart. At the heart of our community are some essential features that define our CULTURE, LEARNING PROGRAMS and SCHOOL ENVIRONMENT.

Our Culture

Christian Life

Students at Redeemer Lutheran College are recognised as unique people created by God. The College seeks to be a Christian community in which students and staff alike give expression to their Christian faith with love and concern. Worship programs are grounded in Lutheran theology and are structured to nurture spiritual and faith formation.

You can read about the Lutheran schooling here.


Redeemer’s College motto is ‘Our Hope is in Christ’. For all people, Christian and non-Christian, hope is an encourager, for with hope comes persistence and endurance and the expectation of something better. Redeemer strives to instil hope in every student.

Our Values

At Redeemer we seek to enable each child to be Curious, Courageous and Christ-led. These values shape our daily actions and interactions and make Redeemer the ideal place to learn and grow. Do you share our values?

Pastoral Care

Pastoral care of students and families is a distinctive feature of the College's ethos. Home Group Teachers and Heads of House have primary responsibility for the daily pastoral care of students and focus on the personal well-being, as well as the academic progress of students. Our Dean of Faith is available to provide additional support of a personal or spiritual nature. Within this positive nurturing community, students are able to develop a sense of belonging, self-worth and trust.

Our People

Redeemer continues to be blessed with committed professionals who support the spiritual, emotional, social and academic growth of our students. Our experienced staff all contribute to ensuring each child is afforded the opportunity to reach their potential. We invest in professional development and research to ensure our staff are highly skilled and up to date with current teaching theory and practice.

Our Parents

The partnerships between home and school are fundamental to equip and help students to develop their potential, so that they will take their place as active and contributing members of their community. At Redeemer parents are highly engaged in College activities which provide opportunities for whole of family friendships.

Excellence of Attitude

Students are challenged to be the best that they can be, academically, in co-curricular and personally, and to take responsible risks. By supporting students in a caring and nurturing environment, the high expectations that each student is held to, they create a lifelong attitude of willingness to tackle the challenges of life.

Our Programs

Redeemer's Learning Journey

Our students progress through four Learning Journeys from Prep to Year 12. Each journey is unique to the age and development of the students. Developing in confidence in our Early Years (Prep-Year 2) and exercising choice and independence in our Senior Years (Years 10-12) provides our students the environment to grow into successful young men and women. Features of each Learning Journey include:

21st Century Learning

Redeemer Lutheran College seeks to equip students to be life-long learners, recognising that adaptability and acquiring news skills are essential to long-term success. Learning includes experiences and technologies that enable students to reflect upon and contribute to the world of today. Our teaching methods are grounded in evidence-based research. As a result, Redeemer has adopted the Art and Science of Teaching as the pedagogical framework that shapes the way we teach.

Academic Pathways

Redeemer provides challenging and supportive pathways for all students, from Prep to Year 12. As an inclusive school, striving for excellence, our aim is to assist students to explore all avenues that will aid them to serve society and reach their full potential. Ultimately, Redeemer students are equipped to pursue tertiary, vocational and employment pathways through a variety of programs and a diverse range of elective subjects in their final years of study. You can see our most recent results here. (hyperlink to some news announcement page of ATAR results)

Outdoor Education

The Outdoor Education Program at Redeemer for Years 3 -11 develops self-confident students who have a positive appreciation of their own worth as individuals. The program is more than just a series of camps. Development aspects foster students’ capabilities for service and leadership. Redeemer’s flagship camp is the Outdoor Education Experience, a four-week residential camp in Year 9 where students develop initiative, teamwork, resilience and independence.

Transition Program

Redeemer has a comprehensive Transition Program for students moving from Year 6 in Redeemer’s Junior School to Year 7 in the Middle Years within the Senior School. It focuses on allaying fears and creating a sense of familiarity with the physical surrounds of the Middle Years precinct. As students journey through Years 7, 8 and 9, they are supported by caring staff while they develop more independence in their learning.

Co-curricular Opportunities

Co-curricular activities are an extension of students' educational experiences at Redeemer and provide opportunities for students to develop academically, socially, spiritually, physically and creatively. Students can choose from cultural, music, and sport activities, ensuring the needs and interests of our diverse student population are met. Redeemer is widely recognised for its outstanding reputation in the area of music and performing arts.

Our Environment

School Size

Not too big, not too small – just right! Redeemer is the perfect size school for your child. At Redeemer, we have strategically sized our school to achieve both our academic and our pastoral goals. With 500 students in our Junior School and up to 600 students in our Senior School, we have the capacity to offer and resource a wide range of core and elective subjects. At the same time, our staff and students can genuinely get to know each other.

Grounds and Facilities

Redeemer Lutheran College is often referred to as “the school in the garden”. Situated within a pleasant, semi-rural setting on the southern outskirts of Brisbane, our leafy, landscaped grounds (40 acres) present a peaceful, beautiful and engaging environment for our community. Our modern, master-planned facilities provide open spaces, learning spaces and play and recreational spaces which suit the learning and development of young people. Even koalas call Redeemer home!


Redeemer Lutheran College is conveniently located at Rochedale on the border of Brisbane City and Logan City, with easy access to both the Pacific Highway and the Gateway Motorway. Ample public transport options mean that we are accessible to families from a wide geographical area. Our proximity to tertiary institutions and employers allows us to maintain meaningful external relationships for the benefit of our students and our graduates.