Christian Life & Worship

Religious Education - A Christian World View

Christian Studies classes are compulsory for all students. This gives all students the opportunity to explore issues of religion and spirituality in a learning context. The diversity of denominations, cultures and religions in the school community is taken into consideration, and no deliberate attempt is made to convert students to a particular worldview or denominational persuasion. Christian Studies at Redeemer is academic in orientation, and the aim is to deepen the student’s appreciation of spirituality in the modern world.

Christian Life

Although all activities in life can be seen as an expression of service to God, some activities in the College program are directed more specifically at the spiritual growth of the individual student. First is public worship. The practical expression of religious life and the community service program provides activities which focus on application of Christian love and concern. Our aim is to foster the value of service both in the social context of the school and outside it. Whereby students are giving and receiving in their relationships with others.

Daily Worship

The school seeks to be a Christian community in which students and teachers alike give expression to their Christian faith with love and concern, and in corporate worship. Each day begins with an act of worship, which may be led by staff or students, and provides an opportunity to reflect on the broader meaning of faith for life and learning. All worship is directed to the Triune God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) and is a response to his Lordship.

Chapel devotions are held four weekday mornings at 8.35am in Redeemer Chapel. Parents are welcome to attend chapel services.

Junior SchoolSenior School
ChapelWednesday, 8.35am-8.50amMonday, Friday, 8.35am-8.50am
AssemblyFriday, 8.35am-8.50am (at MPC Auditorium)Thursday, 8.25am-8.50am (at Chapel)

Smaller less formal devotions occur in pastoral care Home Groups (Years 7 to 12) and classrooms (Prep to Year 6) as part of the pastoral care and house programs.

The college recognises the wide range of needs and denominations within its community. Worship programs are grounded in Lutheran theology, and are structured in such a way as to nurture spiritual and faith formation.

Special Worship

From time to time, Senior School students gather together for special worship, usually planned to align with a Christian festival, such as lent. Details are promoted in the College Calendar. Details are promoted in the College Calendar and parents are welcome to attend depending upon COVID 19 restrictions. Special Worship is also held for occasions such as ANZAC Day.

Opening Service

A whole College Opening Service is held at the commencement of each school year. Details are promoted in the College Calendar and parents are welcome to attend depending upon COVID 19 restrictions.

Valedictory Service

A Valedictory Service is held at the end of the last day of school each year for our Graduating Senior students. Although this service is for the Year 12 community, it is open to the entire College community.

Celebration Ceremony

A "Celebration Ceremony" is held at the end of each school year to celebrate the accomplishments of the school year, and to mark the 'graduation' of our Junior School and Middle Years students.

  • Senior School Celebration Ceremony (7-11): The Senior School Celebration Ceremony commences with a closing worship service and is followed by presentation of awards, together with a graduation ceremony for Middle Years students in Year 9 moving into the Senior Years (Year 10). Parents, Grandparents and friends are especially invited to the Celebration Ceremony occurring during the school day to witness and congratulate the recipients of graduation certificates and award winners.
  • Junior School Celebration Ceremony (P-6): A Junior School Celebration Ceremony is held for students from Prep to Year 6 in Redeemer Chapel at 8.45am on the last day of school for each year. The service commences with worship and concludes with a graduation ceremony for Year 6 students moving into the Senior School in the following year. Parents, grandparents and friends are welcome to attend.