Redeemer App

The Redeemer Lutheran College App is developed in partnership with Digistorm Education and Alaress. It is designed to give parents, students and teachers a seamless environment with ready access to important information about events and daily activities at the College, as well as key contact details. The Redeemer App provides an easy way to access personalised content and communication from Redeemer's online environment, MyRedeemer.

Key features:

The Dashboard:
The dashboard provides an overview of the latest notices, unread notices, timetables for staff and students and a timeline view of the day’s events.

The Alerts section provides you with instant push notifications from the College for all of the urgent things that you need to know immediately. Push notifications can be configured via the settings tab for each year level, sport, music and OSHC.

The College Calendar contains details on events and key dates at the College. Click on the event to see further details and information or search for an event. The calendar can also be used as an eDiary with students having the ability to add homework tasks for completion. The calendar menu item will show how many events are in your calendar for that day.

The News section contains the feed of News notices from MyRedeemer. Keep up to date with everything happening across the day as it happens simply by checking out the News button!


The messages section provides notifications of activity within MyRedeemer. As content is added to groups that you are a member of and follow, you will receive a notification that will allow you to click through to the relevant MyRedeemer page. Push notifications can be configured and used.

Class Info:

  • Due Work: Students and staff will see a reminder in the app to any due work and its relevant date within MyRedeemer.
  • Timetable: Parents, students and staff can see a copy of their 10 day timetable with an easy to read view of the current day’s timetable. By clicking on the class, students and staff will be able to access the class’ MyRedeemer page.

Find your way around Redeemer campus using the interactive Map feature!

Call or message the College directly from the Redeemer App to notify us of your child's absence.

My Groups:
Check out each of the groups that you are a member of, and the information that is relevant just for you!

Links to other frequency used online sites for parents, students and staff are provided here for easy access to:

  • MyRedeemer (full site)
  • Parent Handbook
  • Parent Resources
  • Student Handbook
  • Facebook link
  • Bookings and Payments
  • MySchoolConnect
  • Redeemer Online Shop
  • Sustainable School Shop
  • Plus more!

Call and email the College directly from the Redeemer App. All key contact details are listed. You can also email and notify your child’s absence through the app.

Settings allows you to review your settings and turn on push notifications. Clicking on notifications allows you to review your Message Settings in Schoolbox that will apply for both Schoolbox and the Redeemer Lutheran College App. From here you can choose the frequency and method for a range of different content within Schoolbox, as well as choose to follow groups to receive messages.


Application Support

We welcome any feedback and suggestions you may have, as the information available will continue to grow with time.

Please contact the College at with any enquiries.